Other namesTurkish Dikkulak, Dikkulak Köpeği, Çivikulak, Zagar
Height Males 11.0 in (27.9 cm)
Females 10.9 in (27.7 cm)
Weight Males 22 lb (10.1 kg)
Females 23 lb (10.5 kg)
Coat short
Color white, black, brown, tan, piebald
Dog (domestic dog)

The Dikkulak is a small spitz dog native to the Agri, Ardahan, Erzurum, Igdir, and Kars provinces in Turkey, the same areas as the Kangal. It is used as a small guard dog.[1]


The Dikkulak is a local breed native to the Agri, Ardahan, Erzurum, Igdir and Kars Provinces in Turkey.[2]

It is used as a watch dog, for which it is either tethered or allowed to roam in an enclosed area. Breeders say that the number of dogs is gradually decreasing.[3]


The Dikkulak is a small, compact spitz dog with erect ears. It is similar in appearance to the Pembroke Corgi. It has a short haired coat in white, black, brown, tan, and piebald.[4][1]

As a watch dog, the Dikkulak is vocal and not friendly to strangers. They are able to distinguish between a stranger and someone they know. They do not attack people but they do bark.

They are not suitable as pet dogs, because they need to be outside and have space to run around.[4]


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