Doctor Who
Season 4
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Cover art of the soundtrack release for first serial of the season
Country of originUnited Kingdom
No. of stories9
No. of episodes43 (33 missing)
Original networkBBC1
Original release10 September 1966 (1966-09-10) –
1 July 1967 (1967-07-01)
Season chronology
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The fourth season of British science fiction television series Doctor Who began on 10 September 1966 with the First Doctor (William Hartnell) story The Smugglers and, after a change of lead actor (Patrick Troughton) part-way through the series, ended on 1 July 1967 with The Evil of the Daleks. For the first time, the entire main cast changed over the course of a single season (the only other occasion this has happened is during Season 21).

Only 10 out of 43 episodes survive in the BBC archives; 33 remain missing. No serials in this season exist in their entirety. However, The Tenth Planet, The Power of the Daleks, The Moonbase, The Macra Terror, The Faceless Ones and The Evil of the Daleks have currently had their missing episodes (twenty five in total) reconstructed with animation and subsequently have been released on home media.


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Main cast

William Hartnell appears as the First Doctor for the first two full serials before being succeeded in the role by Patrick Troughton as the Second Doctor for the remaining seven stories.

Anneke Wills and Michael Craze continue their roles as Polly and Ben respectively. They are shortly joined by Frazer Hines playing Jamie McCrimmon in The Highlanders. Polly and Ben depart in the penultimate story The Faceless Ones, and at the end of the season Deborah Watling makes her debut as Victoria Waterfield in The Evil of the Daleks.


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Season 4 was produced by Innes Lloyd. Gerry Davis served as Script Editor, apart from the final four episodes of The Evil of the Daleks. Peter Bryant joined as associate producer for The Faceless Ones, and replaced Gerry Davis as script editor for the last four episodes of the season.

The Smugglers was the final serial to be produced during the third production block, but was held over to the start of Season 4.[1]

The Tenth Planet introduced the Cybermen and the concept of Regeneration, which wouldn't be named so until Planet of the Spiders in 1974.

The Power of the Daleks was the first Dalek story to use the traditional ...of the Daleks title form. Of the nine subsequent Dalek serials, only Death to the Daleks from Season 11 was not named in this way. The naming convention for Dalek stories was first used in the revived series with "Evolution of the Daleks" in Series 3.

While each of the other seasons produced in black and white have at least two serials completely intact (all serials from the transition to colour onwards have surviving copies in the BBC archive), none of the nine serials from Season 4 are complete in the BBC archive, with four (The Smugglers, The Power of the Daleks, The Highlanders and The Macra Terror) each having all of their episodes missing; of the total of 43 episodes between "Episode 1" of The Smugglers and "Episode 7" of The Evil of the Daleks, only 10 are currently in the BBC archive. The most complete serial of the season, The Tenth Planet, is missing only its last episode; this serial, as well as The Power of the Daleks, The Moonbase, The Macra Terror, The Faceless Ones and The Evil of the Daleks have had their missing elements recreated with animated episodes using the original soundtrack. Animations for Season 5 serials The Web of Fear and Fury from the Deep have also been released. The fully animated serials are presented in both colour and black and white formats, while The Tenth Planet and The Moonbase animations are presented exclusively in black and white.

No. in
Serial titleEpisode titlesDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
UK viewers
(millions) [2]
281The Smugglers"Episode 1"Julia SmithBrian Hayles10 September 1966 (1966-09-10)CC4.347
"Episode 2"Julia SmithBrian Hayles17 September 1966 (1966-09-17)CC4.945
"Episode 3"Julia SmithBrian Hayles24 September 1966 (1966-09-24)CC4.243
"Episode 4"Julia SmithBrian Hayles1 October 1966 (1966-10-01)CC4.543
The Doctor’s new companions Ben and Polly arrive with him in the TARDIS on the coast of seventeenth-century Cornwall, where a group of pirates are searching for treasure.
292The Tenth Planet"Episode 1"Derek MartinusKit Pedler8 October 1966 (1966-10-08)DD5.550
"Episode 2"Derek MartinusKit Pedler15 October 1966 (1966-10-15)DD6.448
"Episode 3"Derek MartinusKit Pedler and Gerry Davis22 October 1966 (1966-10-22)DD7.648
"Episode 4"Derek MartinusKit Pedler and Gerry Davis29 October 1966 (1966-10-29)DD7.547
The TARDIS crew arrive at the South Pole in the year 1986, near a South Pole tracking base. Soon afterwards, hostile cyborgs from Earth's twin planet Mondas, known as Cybermen, quickly take over the base, planning to convert every human being into Cybermen like themselves while the Doctor's old body is wearing a little bit thin.
303The Power of the Daleks"Episode One"Christopher BarryDavid Whitaker5 November 1966 (1966-11-05)EE7.943
"Episode Two"Christopher BarryDavid Whitaker12 November 1966 (1966-11-12)EE7.845
"Episode Three"Christopher BarryDavid Whitaker19 November 1966 (1966-11-19)EE7.544
"Episode Four"Christopher BarryDavid Whitaker26 November 1966 (1966-11-26)EE7.847
"Episode Five"Christopher BarryDavid Whitaker3 December 1966 (1966-12-03)EE8.048
"Episode Six"Christopher BarryDavid Whitaker10 December 1966 (1966-12-10)EE7.847
The newly regenerated Doctor, Ben and Polly soon arrive on the planet Vulcan, a human colony. There, the Doctor finds the humans claiming that the Daleks are their servants. But a more sinister plan is behind the Daleks.
314The Highlanders"Episode 1"Hugh DavidElwyn Jones and Gerry Davis17 December 1966 (1966-12-17)FF6.747
"Episode 2"Hugh DavidElwyn Jones and Gerry Davis24 December 1966 (1966-12-24)FF6.846
"Episode 3"Hugh DavidElwyn Jones and Gerry Davis31 December 1966 (1966-12-31)FF7.447
"Episode 4"Hugh DavidElwyn Jones and Gerry Davis7 January 1967 (1967-01-07)FF7.347
The TARDIS arrives after the Battle of Culloden in 1746, where the TARDIS crew encounter the McLaren Clan and their piper, Jamie McCrimmon. They learn of a plan to sell defeated Scots rebels into slavery.
325The Underwater Menace"Episode 1"Julia SmithGeoffrey Orme14 January 1967 (1967-01-14)GG8.348
"Episode 2"Julia SmithGeoffrey Orme21 January 1967 (1967-01-21)GG7.546
"Episode 3"Julia SmithGeoffrey Orme28 January 1967 (1967-01-28)GG7.145
"Episode 4"Julia SmithGeoffrey Orme4 February 1967 (1967-02-04)GG7.047
The TARDIS lands on a deserted volcanic island. The Doctor, Ben, Polly and Jamie are captured and taken in a lift down a shaft below the seabed, There they realise they are prisoners of the survivors of Atlantis, and that their High Priest, Lolem, declares they are to be sacrificed to the great god Amdo. Professor Zaroff arrives and has a plan to raise Atlantis from the sea.
336The Moonbase"Episode 1"Morris BarryKit Pedler11 February 1967 (1967-02-11)HH8.150
"Episode 2"Morris BarryKit Pedler18 February 1967 (1967-02-18)HH8.949
"Episode 3"Morris BarryKit Pedler25 February 1967 (1967-02-25)HH8.253
"Episode 4"Morris BarryKit Pedler4 March 1967 (1967-03-04)HH8.158
The TARDIS makes a bumpy landing on the Moon in the year 2070. When the TARDIS crew venture outside, they find a moonbase. Suddenly on the base, people start becoming seriously ill with symptoms of fever and delirium. The Doctor realises that their old enemies, the Cybermen, are stalking the moonbase and taking the patients' bodies. The leader of the moonbase gives the Doctor 24 hours to discover the cause of the virus, or else he leaves the Moon.
347The Macra Terror"Episode 1"John DaviesIan Stuart Black11 March 1967 (1967-03-11)JJ8.050
"Episode 2"John DaviesIan Stuart Black18 March 1967 (1967-03-18)JJ7.948
"Episode 3"John DaviesIan Stuart Black25 March 1967 (1967-03-25)JJ8.552
"Episode 4"John DaviesIan Stuart Black1 April 1967 (1967-04-01)JJ8.449
The Doctor and his companions arrive at a planet in Earth's colonial future, where they discover that the inhabitants are being menaced by giant crabs called the Macra.
358The Faceless Ones"Episode 1"Gerry MillDavid Ellis and Malcolm Hulke8 April 1967 (1967-04-08)KK8.051
"Episode 2"Gerry MillDavid Ellis and Malcolm Hulke15 April 1967 (1967-04-15)KK6.450
"Episode 3"Gerry MillDavid Ellis and Malcolm Hulke22 April 1967 (1967-04-22)KK7.953
"Episode 4"Gerry MillDavid Ellis and Malcolm Hulke29 April 1967 (1967-04-29)KK6.955
"Episode 5"Gerry MillDavid Ellis and Malcolm Hulke6 May 1967 (1967-05-06)KK7.155
"Episode 6"Gerry MillDavid Ellis and Malcolm Hulke13 May 1967 (1967-05-13)KK8.052
After the TARDIS lands on the runway at Gatwick Airport, Polly witnesses a murder, leading the Doctor to find out that aliens are stealing the identities of travellers.
369The Evil of the Daleks"Episode 1"Derek MartinusDavid Whitaker20 May 1967 (1967-05-20)LL8.151
"Episode 2"Derek MartinusDavid Whitaker27 May 1967 (1967-05-27)LL7.551
"Episode 3"Derek MartinusDavid Whitaker3 June 1967 (1967-06-03)LL6.152
"Episode 4"Derek MartinusDavid Whitaker10 June 1967 (1967-06-10)LL5.351
"Episode 5"Derek MartinusDavid Whitaker17 June 1967 (1967-06-17)LL5.153
"Episode 6"Derek MartinusDavid Whitaker24 June 1967 (1967-06-24)LL6.849
"Episode 7"Derek MartinusDavid Whitaker1 July 1967 (1967-07-01)LL6.156
While trying to retrieve the TARDIS, the Doctor and Jamie are transported back in time to the 19th century by a professor working for the Daleks; the Daleks aim to use the Doctor's knowledge to give the Daleks human intelligence, but the plan backfires spectacularly.

^† : Episode is missing


Title card as used in this season from The Macra  Terror to The Evil of the Daleks
Title card as used in this season from The Macra Terror to The Evil of the Daleks

During this season the title card for the series was changed for the first time, starting with The Macra Terror.

Missing episodes

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Season 4 is notable for being the only season of Doctor Who from which not a single complete serial survives. The missing episodes are:

Home media

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VHS releases

Season Story no. Serial name Number and duration
of episodes
UK release date Australia release date USA/Canada release date
4 029 The Tenth Planet 4 x 25mins.
Episode 4 reconstructed
November 2000 May 2001 November 2000
035 The Faceless Ones
Episodes 1 & 3
2 x 25 min. November 2003 December 2003 October 2003

DVD and Blu-ray releases

Season Story no. Serial name Number and duration
of episodes
R2 release date R4 release date R1 release date
4 029 The Tenth Planet[a] 4 × 25 min. 24 June 2013[3][b]
14 October 2013[4](D)[c]
30 October 2013[5] 19 November 2013[6]
030 The Power of the Daleks[d] 6 × 25 min. 21 November 2016[7] 14 December 2016[8]
22 February 2017[e][9]
24 January 2017[10]
The Power of the Daleks (Special Edition)[f] 6 × 25 min. 27 July 2020 26 August 2020
032 The Underwater Menace[g] 4 × 25 min. 26 October 2015[11][12] 2 December 2015[13] 24 May 2016[14]
033 The Moonbase[h] 4 × 25 min. 20 January 2014[15] 22 January 2014[16] 11 February 2014[17]
034 The Macra Terror[i] 4 × 25 min. 25 March 2019
(D,B) [18]
17 April 2019
(D,B) [19]
12 November 2019[20]
035 The Faceless Ones[j] 6 × 25 min. 16 March 2020
(D,B) [21]
8 April 2020[22] 20 October 2020[23]
036 The Evil of the Daleks[k] 7 × 25 min. 27 September 2021
(D,B) [24]
10 November 2021[25] 16 November 2021[26]
Lost in Time, Volume 2
4–6 032
The Underwater Menace[l]
The Moonbase[m]
The Faceless Ones[n]
The Evil of the Daleks[o]
The Abominable Snowmen[p]
The Enemy of the World[q]
The Web of Fear[r]
The Wheel in Space[s]
The Space Pirates[t]
12 × 25 min.
(+ 2 × 25 min. audio)[u]
1 November 2004[27][v][29] 2 December 2004[28][w] 2 November 2004[28]
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In print

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Season Story no. Library no.[a] Novelisation title Author Hardcover
release date[b]
release date[c]
release date[d]
4 028 133 The Smugglers Terrance Dicks 16 June 1988[30] 17 November 1988[30] 6 August 2020[30]
029 62 Doctor Who and the Tenth Planet Gerry Davis 19 February 1976[31] 7 December 2017[31]
030 154 The Power of the Daleks John Peel 15 July 1993[32] 3 November 2022[33]
031 90 The Highlanders Gerry Davis 16 August 1984[34] 15 November 1984[34] 6 September 2012[34]
032 129 The Underwater Menace Nigel Robinson 18 February 1988[35] 21 July 1988[35] 2 December 2021[35]
033 14 Doctor Who and the Cybermen Gerry Davis 16 July 1981[36] 20 February 1975[36] 12 March 2009[36]
034 123 The Macra Terror Ian Stuart Black 16 July 1987[37] 10 December 1987[37] 4 August 2016[37]
035 116 The Faceless Ones Terrance Dicks 11 December 1986[38] 21 May 1987[38] 2 May 2019[38]
036 155 The Evil of the Daleks John Peel 19 August 1993[39]
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