Role Experimental helicopter
National origin United States
Manufacturer Doman Helicopters Inc.
Designer Glidden S. Doman
First flight November 1950
Number built 1
Developed from Doman LZ-2A Pelican

The Doman LZ-4 was an American eight-seat helicopter designed and developed by Doman Helicopters of Danbury, Connecticut.[1][2]

Design and development

Following the test flying of the Doman LZ-2A, Doman Helicopters developed an eight-seat helicopter with the designation LZ-4.[1] The fuselage had 3 rows of double seats in the main cabin and a two-crew flight deck in the front. Large folding doors allowed for loading bulky cargo into the main compartment. The tail boom was conventional with a cranked-up rear section mounting a tail rotor, and the helicopter was supported by a four-leg undercarriage.[3]

Specifications (LZ-4)

Data from Aerofiles : Doman LZ-4,[1] vertipedia Doman LZ-4[4]

General characteristics



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