Dongfeng Subdistrict
Dongwan Rd. within the subdistrict, 2024
Dongwan Rd. within the subdistrict, 2024
Dongfeng Subdistrict is located in Beijing
Dongfeng Subdistrict
Dongfeng Subdistrict
Dongfeng Subdistrict is located in China
Dongfeng Subdistrict
Dongfeng Subdistrict
Coordinates: 39°45′16″N 115°57′30″E / 39.75444°N 115.95833°E / 39.75444; 115.95833
Village-level Divisions8 communities
 • Total15.97 km2 (6.17 sq mi)
 • Total22,556
 • Density1,400/km2 (3,700/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard)
Postal code
Area code010

Dongfeng Subdistrict (Chinese: 东风街道; pinyin: Dōngfēng Jiēdào) is a subdistrict located on the northeastern side of Fangshan District, Beijing, China. It borders Hebei Town to its north, Qinglonghu Town and Chengguan Subdistrict to its east, and Xiangyang Subdistrict to its south and west. It had a population of 22,556 as of the 2020 census.[1]

The name Dongfeng (Chinese: 东风; lit. 'Eastern Wind') came from Dongfeng Chemical Factory within the subdistrict.[2]


Timetable of Dongfeng Subdistrict[2]
Year Status
1976 Dongfeng Subdistrict was formed
1980 Part of Yanshan District
1986 Part of Fangshan District

Administrative Divisions

In the year 2021, Dongfeng Subdistrict had 8 communities under its administration:[3]

Administrative Division Code Subdisvision Names Name Transliteration
110111005001 南里 Nanli
110111005003 东里 Dongli
110111005004 北里 Beili
110111005007 羊耳峪北里 Yang'eryu Beili
110111005010 羊耳峪里第一 Yang'eryuli Diyi
110111005011 羊耳峪里第二 Yang'eryuli Di'er
110111005012 羊耳峪西区 Yang'eryu Xiqu
110111005013 燕和园 Yanheyuan

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