Donkey burger
CourseSnack, Side dish
Place of originBaoding and Hejian, China
Serving temperatureHot
Main ingredientsDonkey meat, bread

The donkey burger (Chinese: 驴肉火烧; pinyin: lǘròu huǒshāo) is a kind of sandwich commonly eaten in Baoding and Hejian, Hebei Province, China,[1][2] where it is considered a local specialty, though it may also be found in other parts of China, particularly in northeastern China.[1][3] Chopped or shredded donkey meat or offal is placed within a huǒshāo or shao bing, a roasted, semi-flaky bread pocket,[1] and eaten as a snack or as part of a meal. Hejian style typically serves the meat cold in a warm huoshao while Baoding style serves the meat hot, they both often include green chili-pepper[1] and cilantro leaves. Donkey burger is a popular street food[3] and can also be found on the menus of high-end restaurants.

A well-known saying, especially in Baoding (and elsewhere in Hebei province), is "In Heaven there is dragon meat, on Earth there is donkey meat" (天上龙肉,地上驴肉).

Hejian-style donkey burgers

Donkey burgers have two styles: Baoding style and Hejian style. Baoding style uses round huoshao, while Hejian style uses rectangular huoshao.[4] Also, the inside donkey burgers are different: Baoding style serves hot meat, while Hejian style serves cold meat.[5]

Donkey burgers have been traced to the Ming Dynasty.[1]

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