Dorseyville, Pennsylvania
CountryUnited States
Time zoneUTC-5 (EST)
 • Summer (DST)UTC-4 (EDT)

Dorseyville is an unincorporated suburb of Pittsburgh located in Indiana Township, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.


Dorseyville was originally called "Crowtown" by farmers, but later named for the Dorsey family that lived on modern day Cedar Run Road. The Dorseyville fire hall, which held the Dorseyville Corn Carnival until the 2000s, was demolished and rebuilt in 2009 at a cost of $699,560. In 1880, a farm was built on old farm trail, which now goes by the address: 400 Meadow Springs Farm Ln, Pittsburgh, PA 15238. Dorseyville is also home to Hartwood Elementary School, which is ranked as the 22nd best elementary school in Pennsylvania.[1]

Places Of Interest

Trinity United Church Of Christ

The Trinity United Church Of Christ's earliest records date back to 1851 when it is believed to have been built. According to church history, some older members recall hearing stories of an earlier log church that stood where the church cemetery is now. No written records, however, can be found to verify that. Records show the Lutheran and Reformer Church, the predecessor to Trinity United, purchased 50 square feet of land along Saxonburg Boulevard for $2 in 1851. The first child was baptized in the church that year. Confirmation classes began in 1855 when five congregants became adult members of the church. The first wedding was held in 1856. The church eventually was renovated, and in 1876, members decided to build a new facility. An additional acre was purchased at the site that year to build the new church while the old one was converted into a four-room parsonage. The church also received its charter as a religious organization that year and was named The First German Evangelical Lutheran Trinity Congregation of Dorseyville. Services were conducted in German until 1887 when English became the language of evening services. In 1913, services were conducted in German and English on alternate Sundays and holiday services were conducted in both languages. In 1923, it switched its religious affiliation, joining the Evangelical Synod and becoming the Trinity Evangelical Church of Dorseyville. The name changed again in 1934 with a religious merger, and the church became Trinity Evangelical and Reformed Church of Dorseyville. In 1935, a chancel and two classrooms were added. Volunteers cut costs to build a parsonage by donating 321 hours in 1940. In response to a population boom, a brick educational building was built in 1957. That year brought another merger that formed the United Church of Christ. Eleven years later, Trinity officially became Trinity United Church of Christ.


Coordinates: 40°34′37″N 79°53′19″W / 40.57694°N 79.88861°W / 40.57694; -79.88861