Double-Heart of Stacked Stones
Double-Heart of Stacked Stones is located in Penghu County
Double-Heart of Stacked Stones
Double-Heart of Stacked Stones
Coordinates: 23°13′13.0″N 119°26′49.0″E / 23.220278°N 119.446944°E / 23.220278; 119.446944
LocationCimei, Penghu, Taiwan
Offshore water bodiesTaiwan Strait

The Double-heart of Stacked Stones (traditional Chinese: 七美雙心石滬; simplified Chinese: 七美双心石沪; pinyin: Qīměi Shuāng Xīn Shí Hù) or the Twin-Heart Fish Trap is a stone fishing weir located on the north side of Cimei Township, Penghu County, Taiwan. It is a well-preserved ancient fish trap made by stacking stones to form a trap that resembles a flying heart.[1][2]

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