Double Dealer
Directed byAlan Dickes
Written byPhillip Avalon
Produced byPhillip Avalon
StarringPhillip Avalon
Guy Peniston-Bird
David Callcot
CinematographyRichard Bradley
Music bySouthern Contemporary Rock Assembly
Release date
  • 1975 (1975)
Running time
72 minutes
BudgetA$45,000[1] or $36,000[2]

Double Dealer is a 1975 Australian TV film about an undercover drug ring. It was the first film produced by Phillip Avalon.[3]



Avalon got the idea to make the film after reading a newspaper article about women being lured into white slavery in Arab countries. He wrote the script and set about trying to raise finance. He ended up financing most of the film himself with earnings from acting and modelling, $36,000 in all. He know the director, Alan Dickie, from working in commercials.[2]

Avalon produced the film using volunteers and borrowed equipment, and was shot on weekends. It was a twenty-day shoot over eight weekends and four public holidays. Some scenes were shot in a Kings Cross nightclub, The Cauldron. Rudolph Nureyev, who was touring Australia had the time, had been impressed by Avalon's nude centrefold in Cleo and agreed to do a cameo.[2]


The film was never commercially released. Avalon ran out of funds at the end of editing and did not have money to do a sound mix and movie score. However the film launched his producing career.[2]


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