A typical doughnut sandwich with cheese
A typical doughnut sandwich with cheese

A doughnut sandwich is a combination of a doughnut and a sandwich, typically constructed using a glazed, deep-fried flour doughnut and split in the middle like a bagel. Various types of foods, such as cheese, bacon, peanut butter and more, are usually added between the slices creating a sandwich.[1][2] There are different types of doughnut sandwiches, some made with cake doughnuts[3][4]

The doughnut breakfast sandwich is usually made with bacon, eggs, sausage and some type of cheese like cheddar or American cheese.[5] Some variations may include sausage.[6] The Luther Burger is a bacon cheeseburger served on a doughnut bun. The doughnut chicken sandwich is made with fried chicken. A ham variation can be made with ham, Swiss cheese and a condiment like fruit preserved or spicy mustard. Dessert versions are made with ice cream.[4]


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