Dull Rose
Country of productionCeylon
Date of production23 April 1859 (1859-04-23)
PrinterPerkins, Bacon & Co
DepictsQueen Victoria
NotabilityMost valuable stamp issued in Sri Lanka
Face value4d
Estimated value£70,000 - £100,000 (mint condition)
£4,500 (used)

The Dull Rose is a Ceylonese (modern-day Sri Lanka) postage stamp that is considered to be the rarest and most valuable stamp issued in the country.[1][2] 7000 stamps were issued on 23 April 1859, bearing a face value of four pence.[2][3] Three others, the 8 pence (chocolate brown), 1 shilling & 9 pence (green), and 2 shilling & 9 pence were issued on the same date as part of a series.[2] These featured a left-facing depiction of a young Queen Victoria in an octagonal framing.[1][2]

A mint condition original issue Dull Rose was sold for $71,875 at a Cherrystone Philatelic Auction in January 2008.[2] Very few mint condition stamps (about 10) are known to be in existence, valued at £70,000 - £100,000, while used ones are valued at about £4,500.[2][3]

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