Durham and North Riding County Division
Division insignia of the Durham and North Riding County Division[1]
Active12 March 1941-1 December 1941
Country United Kingdom
British Army
TypeStatic Division
RoleHome Defence
Major General Philip James Shears

The Durham and North Riding County Division was a coastal defence formation of the British Army during World War II. It was only in existence from 12 March 1941 until 1 December 1941 when it was redesignated Durham and North Riding Coastal Area and the subordinate brigade headquarters were disbanded. Most of the infantry battalions were then converted to other roles with the Royal Artillery or the Royal Armoured Corps. In its short existence the division had just one general officer commanding, Major-General P. J. Shears. It was under the command from X Corps from formation until 9 April and then under IX Corps.[2]

The divisional sign was a pun on the name of the division's commander and a reference to the wool industry of the area.[1]

Order of battle

County divisions were static infantry-only formations with any supporting arms on loan from other formations. The division/s order of battle was as follows:[3][4]

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