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独山子区 • مايتاغ رايونى
Dushanzi in Karamay
Dushanzi in Karamay
Karamay in Xinjiang
Karamay in Xinjiang
Prefecture-level cityKaramay
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard)
Chinese name
Simplified Chinese独山子
Hanyu PinyinDúshānzǐ
Alternative Chinese name
Simplified Chinese玛依塔克
Hanyu PinyinMǎyītǎkè
Second alternative Chinese name
Simplified Chinese玛依套
Hanyu PinyinMǎyītào
Uyghur name

Dushanzi District or Maytag District, is a district of the city of Karamay, in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, China and is under the administrative jurisdiction of the Karamay City. It contains an area of 400 km2 (150 sq mi). According to the 2002 census, it has a population of 60,000.

Administrative divisions

Dushanzi District contains 3 subdistricts:

Name Simplified Chinese Hanyu Pinyin Uyghur (UEY) Uyghur Latin (ULY) Administrative division code
Jinshan Road Subdistrict 金山路街道 Jīnshānlù Jiēdào ئالتۇنتاغ يولى كوچا باشقارمىسى Altuntagh yoli kocha bashqarmisi 650202001
Xining Road Subdistrict 西宁路街道 Xīnínglù Jiēdào شىنىڭ يولى كوچا باشقارمىسى Shining yoli kocha bashqarmisi 650202002
Xinbeiqu Subdistrict 新北区街道 Xīnběiqū Jiēdào يېڭى شىمالىي رايون كوچا باشقارمىسى Yëngi shimaliy rayon kocha bashqarmisi 650202003


45°36′N 84°52′E / 45.600°N 84.867°E / 45.600; 84.867