Dyer River
CountryUnited States
Physical characteristics
 • locationMaine
 • elevation230 feet (70 m)
 • location
Sheepscot River
 • coordinates
44°03′03″N 69°36′35″W / 44.0509°N 69.6098°W / 44.0509; -69.6098 (Dyer River)Coordinates: 44°03′03″N 69°36′35″W / 44.0509°N 69.6098°W / 44.0509; -69.6098 (Dyer River)
 • elevation
0 ft (0 m)
Length20 miles (32 km)

The Dyer River is a 20.2-mile-long (32.5 km)[1] river in Maine. It originates along the northern boundary of the town of Jefferson with the town of Somerville (44°14′13″N 69°28′12″W / 44.2370°N 69.4700°W / 44.2370; -69.4700 (Dyer River source)) and flows southwesterly through Jefferson, passing through Dyer Long Pond and near South Jefferson. It continues southwest into the town of Newcastle, passing the villages of North Newcastle and Sheepscot, where it joins the tidal Sheepscot River.

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