The E.J. Whitten Medal is awarded to the best Victorian player in an Australian rules football State of Origin football match.[1] The award is named after Ted Whitten, also known as "Mr. Football", who played for and coached Footscray and was an advocate of interstate football. He played 29 games for Victoria, and coached the state side nearing his death of cancer in 1995.

Year Player Opponent
1985 Paul Roos WA
1986 Dale Weightman WA
1986 Kevin Walsh SA
1987 Greg Williams WA
1987 Chris Langford SA
1988 Paul Roos Carnival
1988 Gerard Healy WA
1989 Gavin Brown SA
1989 Jason Dunstall WA
1990 Simon Madden WA
1990 Dale Weightman NSW
1991 Barry Mitchell WA
1991 Alan Ezard SA
1992 Stewart Loewe WA
1992 Robert Harvey SA
1993 Chris Langford NSW/ACT
1993 Robert Harvey SA
1994 David Calthorpe SA
1995 Tony Lockett SA
1996 Robert Harvey Allies
1997 Gavin Brown SA
1998 Rohan Smith Allies
1999 Brent Harvey SA


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