East Branch Pockwock Stream
CountryUnited States
RegionNorth Maine Woods
Physical characteristics
 • locationMountain stream, Township T17 R13 WELS, Aroostook County, North Maine Woods, Maine, United States
 • coordinates47°10′23″N 69°22′58″W / 47.17306°N 69.38278°W / 47.17306; -69.38278
 • elevation363 metres (1,191 ft)
 • location
Pocwock River, Township T16 R13 WELS, Aroostook County, North Maine Woods, Maine, United States
 • coordinates
47°05′11″N 69°21′06″W / 47.08639°N 69.35167°W / 47.08639; -69.35167
 • elevation
223 metres (732 ft)
Length16.1 kilometres (10.0 mi)

The East Branch Pockwock Stream (French: Branche Est de la rivière Pocwock) is a tributary of the Pocwock River, flowing in Townships T17 R13 Wels and T16 R13 Wels, in the Aroostook County, in North Maine Woods, in Maine, the United States.

Its course runs entirely in forested region in an isolated valley surrounded by mountains.

The "Eastern Branch of the Pockwock river" empties on the East bank of the Pocwock River which flows Southeast up to a river bend of Saint John River. The latest flows to the East, then Southeast through all the New Brunswick and pours on the North bank of the Bay of Fundy which opens to the Southwest on the Atlantic Ocean.

The river side of "East Branch of Pocwock stream" is accessible by some forest roads.


The course of the "Eastern Branch of the river Pocwock" begins at the feet of a mountain (East side) in Notre Dame Mountains, Township T17 R13 WELS, in the North Maine Woods, in the Maine. This source is located at:

From the source located at the foot of a mountain, the "Eastern Branch of the Pockwock river" flowing over 16.1 kilometres (10.0 mi) as follows:

The "Eastern Branch of the Pocwock River" flows on the East bank of the Pocwock River, Township T17 R14 Wels, in the Aroostook County. This confluence is located:


The term "Pocwock" is associated with the Pocwock River and West Branch Pocwock Stream.

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