Eberhart Steel Products Company
ProductsAircraft parts and equipment
SubsidiariesEberhart Aeroplane and Motor Company

Eberhart Steel Products Company was an American aircraft parts manufacturer, formed in 1918 in Buffalo, New York. In 1922 Eberhart received a contract to rebuild 50 Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5A's, redesignated Eberhart S.E.5E. Eberhart also converted the French made SPAD S.XIII, replacing the French engine with an American made Wright-Hispano E. In 1925 Eberhart Aeroplane and Motor Company was formed as a subsidiary of Eberhart Steel. The only aircraft Eberhart Aeroplane created was the Eberhart XFG.[1]


Summary of aircraft built/modified
Model name First flight Number built Type
Eberhart S.E.5E trainer
Eberhart 13E fighter
Eberhart FG 1927 fighter
Eberhart F2G 1928 fighter



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