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Economic Party
Partito Economico
LeaderFerdinando Bocca
HeadquartersTurin, Italy
Social conservatism
Political positionRight-wing

The Economic Party (Partito Economico, PE) was an Italian political party founded in 1919 in Turin by a group of dealers and industrialists worried by the Red Biennium. The group viewed politics as subject to economic science, and was socially conservative.

The PE had its largest constituencies in the larger cities of Northern Italy, as well as in Sicily, reaping benefits from its alliance with the Agrarian Party. In the 1919 general election, it received 1,5% of the vote and 7 seats. This support declined rapidly: in the 1921 election, the PE took 0,8% of the vote and 5 seats. It subsequently merged into the Agrarian Party.

Electoral results

Chamber of Deputies
Election year Votes % Seats +/− Leader
1919 87.450 (8th) 1.5
7 / 508
Ferdinando Bocca
1921 53,382 (12th) 0.8
5 / 535
Decrease 2
Ferdinando Bocca