Editora Abril S.A.
Company typePrivate company
Online services
FoundedMay 1950 (May 1950)
FounderFamilia Civita
Number of locations
São Paulo
Rio de Janeiro
Belo Horizonte
Porto Alegre
Key people
Roberto Civita (President of the Management Board and Editorial Director), Giancarlo Civita (Executive President of Grupo Abril)
RevenueIncrease US$ 1.8 billion (2010)
Number of employees
ParentGrupo Abril
SubsidiariesAbril Educação, Dinap S.A.

Editora Abril[1] is a major Brazilian publisher and printing company and one of the biggest media holdings in Latin America.[2] The company was founded in 1950 by Victor Civita in São Paulo and is now part of Grupo Abril.[2]


Civita had initially founded his publisher as Editora Primavera, publishing an unsuccessful comic magazine named in Brazil Raio Vermelho.[3] The following year, Civita changed its name to Abril - [4] referencing the month in which spring begins in the northern hemisphere -- and published its first title, Donald Duck, in Brazil called Pato Donald, which continues to run to this date.[5] Abril's first magazine lead Civita to claim "It all started with a duck", parodying Walt Disney's declaration that "I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing – that it was all started by Mickey Mouse."

Under its name it publishes titles like AnaMaria, Tititi, Minha Novela, Sou+Eu!, Quatro Rodas, Veja, Veja Rio, Veja São Paulo, Nova, Placar, Claudia, Boa Forma, Manequim, and Exame, as well as the Brazilian editions of Disney comics, Cosmopolitan, Men's Health, Women's Health, Runner's World, and Playboy.

It also owns the Brazilian MTV and cable company Abril Grafica. In May 2006, Naspers acquired a 30% interest in Editora Abril.[5]

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