Eglinton Island
Closeup of Eglinton Island
Eglinton Island, Northwest Territories
Eglinton Island is located in Northwest Territories
Eglinton Island
Eglinton Island
Location in the Northwest Territories
Eglinton Island is located in Canada
Eglinton Island
Eglinton Island
Location in Canada
LocationNorthern Canada
Coordinates75°46′N 118°27′W / 75.767°N 118.450°W / 75.767; -118.450 (Eglinton Island)Coordinates: 75°46′N 118°27′W / 75.767°N 118.450°W / 75.767; -118.450 (Eglinton Island)
ArchipelagoQueen Elizabeth Islands
Arctic Archipelago
Area1,541 km2 (595 sq mi)
Length73 km (45.4 mi)
Width44 km (27.3 mi)
TerritoryNorthwest Territories

Eglinton Island an uninhabited island of the Arctic Archipelago in the Northwest Territories, Canada. Eglinton is one of the Queen Elizabeth Islands. Located at 75°48'N 118°30'W, it measures 1,541 km2 (595 sq mi) in size, 73 kilometres (45 mi) long and 44 km (27 mi) wide in measurements. It lies on the north side of the M'Clure Strait, just south of the much larger Prince Patrick Island and is uninhabited with no known human activity.

The first European sighting of Eglinton Island was in 1853 by George Mecham, and explored by him and Francis Leopold McClintock in the spring of that year.[1]

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