El Dandy
El Dandy poster.jpg
Based onDonnie Brasco
by Mike Newell
Developed by
  • Flavio González Mello
  • Luis Mario Moncada
Written by
  • Fernando Ábrego
  • Florencia Castillo
  • Rodrigo Ordoñez
  • Larissa Andrade
  • Fernanda Eguiarte
  • Tania Tinajero
Directed by
  • Chava Cartas
  • Mauricio Cruz
Creative directorAna Magis
Music by
  • Luis Carlos “Luca” Ortega
  • Camilo Froideval
Country of originMexico
Original languageSpanish
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes70
Executive producers
  • Juan Pablo Posada
  • Gabriela Valentán
  • Daniel Ucros
  • Patricio López
  • Santiago Sanchez
  • Luis Ávila
Production companies
Original networkTNT Series
Picture formatHDTV 1080i
Audio formatStereophonic sound
Original releaseOctober 26, 2015 (2015-10-26) –
March 9, 2016 (2016-03-09)

El Dandy is a television series, produced by Teleset for Sony Pictures Television and Televisa. It is based on the film Donnie Brasco directed by Mike Newell in 1997.[1][2]

The series is written by Larissa Andrade and Rodrigo Ordoñez, and directed by Chava Cartas and Mauricio Cruz. Daniel Ucros and Gabriela Valentan are the Executive producers.[3]

Starring by Alfonso Herrera, Damián Alcázar and Itahisa Machado.[4]


Inspired by the 1997 American drama Donnie Brasco, El Dandy tells the story of a law professor who has been hired by the Attorney General, to participate in a program of special operations, where he must infiltrate one of the most notorious drug cartels of Mexico City. Under the false name Daniel "El Dandy" Bracho (Alfonso Herrera), he begins the task of identifying all the members of this clandestine network. However, he quickly finds that his acute ability to police work is only comparable with the exciting sense of danger that experiences living life to the fullest. Along the way, it avails itself of the help of a criminal's petty, loyal, even corrupt, ally called El Chueco (Damián Alcázar), who quickly befriends Bracho and comes dangerously close to discover his true identity. Much deeper, Bracho is involved in the mafia, more work tells him to get out, and the professor, once incorruptible, has to choose between returning to a normal life as a respectable citizen or fully embrace his criminal life.[5]




Special participation


The series airs worldwide on TNT Series.[9] The series premiered on October 26, 2015, in Latin America.[10] The series premieres on TNT on October 30, 2015, and where will summarize weekly every Friday.[11][12]


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