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El Dorado Oilers
(1929–1941, 1947–1955)
El Dorado, Arkansas
Minor league affiliations
Previous classes
  • Class C (1933–1941, 1947–1955)
  • Class D (1929–1932)
LeagueCotton States League (1936–1941, 1947–1955)
Previous leagues
Major league affiliations
Previous teams
Minor league titles
League titles 1929, 1936, 1937, 1954
Team data
Previous names
  • El Dorado Oilers (1941, 1947–1955)
  • El Dorado Lions (1929–1940)

The El Dorado Oilers Cotton States League baseball team based in El Dorado, Arkansas that played in 1941 and from 1947 to 1955. They also played as the El Dorado Lions from 1929 to 1940. They were affiliated with the New York Giants in 1951.[1]

In 1954, under manager Bill Adair, they won their only league championship.