El premio mayor
Written byEmilio Larrosa
Verónica Suárez
Alejandro Pohlenz
Directed bySalvador Garcini
Carlos Suárez
Carlos Miguel
StarringCarlos Bonavides
Laura León
Sergio Goyri
Sasha Sokol
Claudio Báez
Marcelo Buquet
Opening theme"El premio mayor" by Laura León
Ending theme"Mi premio mayor" by Sasha Sokol
Country of originMexico
Original languageSpanish (1995-1996)
No. of episodes190
Executive producerEmilio Larrosa
CinematographyJosé Luis Gómez Alegría
Original networkCanal de las Estrellas
Original releaseSeptember 4, 1995 (1995-09-04) –
May 24, 1996 (1996-05-24)
Preceded byBajo un mismo rostro
Followed byMorir dos veces

El premio mayor, is a Mexican telenovela produced by Emilio Larrosa and written by Verónica Suárez and Alejandro Pohlenz.[1]

Carlos Bonavides, Laura León, Sergio Goyri and Sasha Sokol star as the main protagonists, while Claudio Báez, Lorena Herrera, Martha Julia and Rodrigo Vidal as the main antagonists.


Huicho Domínguez (Carlos Bonavides), an uneducated, womanizing family man with two children in working-class Mexico, wins the grand prize jackpot ("el premio mayor") in the national lottery. He and his family subsequently move into a large mansion and attempt to adjust to the newfound fame and customs associated with the upper class. Huicho begins to fill his mansion with flamboyant items of bad taste, and wastes his money shamelessly. The arc of the storyline revolves around him finding a way to balance the seductive aura of his recent wealth - and the beautiful gold-diggers that appear in his life - with not losing the love of his life, his wife Rebeca (Laura Leon).

Alongside them is Rosario (Sasha Sokol), a good and noble girl who was adopted by Rebeca and Huicho. She is humiliated and mistreated by Huicho and his two children; however, Rebecca is good and sweet towards her and considers her as her own daughter. Rosario has a boyfriend, (Rodrigo Vidal) Diego, who seems to be the ideal man who loves her too; however, he ends up becoming a villain when his boss, Jorge (Sergio Goyri), an unlucky journalist, falls for Rosario too.

The new, rich Huicho begins using his money to attract women and have numerous affairs with the support of his oldest son, Luis Gerardo (Sergio Sendel), who has always been interested in Rosario and becomes another obstacle between her and Jorge, who has two siblings, Lorenzo (Marcelo Buquet) and Sergio (Claudio Báez). Lorenzo is noble and supports the relationship between Rosario and his brother, while Sergio is evil and jealous of Lorenzo. Together with his sister-in-law and mistress Antonia (Lorena Herrera), who is Lorenzo's wife, and Sergio's daughter Deborah (Sussan Taunton), they are responsible for countless misdeeds, including making Jorge lose his family.

When Huicho's affairs come to light, mainly due to the sensual and interested Consuelo (Martha Julia), Lorenzo admits his own feelings for Rebeca, leading to devastating family conflicts that will shake the protagonists' faith in money as the solution to their problems.



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