Eleanor of Portugal
D. Leonor de Portugal, Rainha da Dinamarca - The Portuguese Genealogy (Genealogia dos Reis de Portugal).png
Eleanor in António de Holanda's Genealogy of the Kings of Portugal, c. 1530–34.
Junior queen consort of Denmark
Bornc. 1211
Kingdom of Portugal
Died28 August 1231 (aged 19–20)
SpouseValdemar the Young
HousePortuguese House of Burgundy
FatherAfonso II of Portugal
MotherUrraca of Castile
ReligionRoman Catholicism

Eleanor of Portugal (Portuguese: Leonor [liuˈnoɾ]; c. 1211 – 28 August 1231) was a Portuguese infanta, the only daughter of Afonso II of Portugal and Urraca of Castile, Queen of Portugal. Eleanor was Queen of Denmark by marriage to Valdemar the Young, son of Valdemar II, in 1229.[1]

Bishop Gunner of Viborg had first thought of the idea of the marriage, as Eleanor's aunt Berengaria had been Valdemar's stepmother. The wedding took place in Ribe on 24 June 1229, and the next day Eleanor received southern half of the island Funen as a wedding present from her husband. Even though she was junior queen, she was the only queen since her aunt had died eight years prior and her father-in-law had not remarried.

Silk and lock of hair from tomb of Queen Eleanor
Silk and lock of hair from tomb of Queen Eleanor

Only two years later Eleanor died in childbirth on the 28 August 1231, and three months later her husband was killed by an accidental shot.

When examining Eleanor's grave in Ringsted Church, it was discovered that her skeleton showed traces of cancer of the bones, which probably was contributory to her death. At the foot piece of Eleanor's grave was a leaden coffin, which contained the bones of a child about 6 months old, already sickly and scrofulous from birth. So Eleanor probably gave birth to a child, who survived her by only six months.[2]


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Eleanor of PortugalHouse of BurgundyCadet branch of the Capetian dynastyBorn: circa 1211 Died: 28 August 1231 Danish royalty VacantTitle last held byBerengaria of Portugal as senior queen (Junior) Queen consort of Denmark 1229–1231 VacantTitle next held byJutta of Saxony