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Azerbaijan elects on a national level a head of state – the president, and a legislature. The President of Azerbaijan is elected for a seven-year term by the people; before a constitutional referendum changed this in 2009, the position was limited to two terms. The National Assembly (Milli Məclis) has 125 members. Before 2005, 100 members were elected for a five-year term in single-seat constituencies and 25 members were elected by proportional representation. Since 2005 all 125 members are elected in single-seat constituencies. Azerbaijan is a one party dominant state. Each of political parties in Azerbaijan has the same rights and opportunities to compete in elections as defined in by the Constitution and respective laws. On Sunday, 9 February 2020, the most recent parliamentary elections were held. On Wednesday, 11 April 2018, the most recent presidential election was held.

Latest elections

Poster of Azerbaijan 1937
Poster of Azerbaijan 1937

2020 Azerbaijani parliamentary election

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New Azerbaijan Party70+1
Civic Solidarity Party3+1
Motherland Party10
Whole Azerbaijan Popular Front Party10
Great Order Party10
Democratic Reforms Party10
Unity Party10
Civic Unity Party10
Azerbaijan Democratic Enlightenment Party10
Azerbaijan Social Prosperity Party0–1
National Revival Movement Party0–1
Azerbaijani Social Democratic Party0–1
Total votes2,510,135
Registered voters/turnout5,359,01546.84
Source: MSK IPU

2018 Presidential election

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Ilham AliyevNew Azerbaijan Party3,394,89886.02
Zahid OrujIndependent122,9563.12
Sardar MammadovAzerbaijan Democratic Party119,6213.03
Gudrat HasanguliyevWhole Azerbaijan Popular Front Party119,3113.02
Hafiz HajiyevModern Equality Party59,9241.52
Araz AlizadehAzerbaijani Social Democratic Party54,5331.38
Faraj GuliyevNational Revival Movement Party45,9671.16
Razi NurullayevIndependent29,2290.74
Valid votes3,946,43999.69
Invalid/blank votes12,4130.31
Total votes3,958,852100.00
Registered voters/turnout5,332,81774.24
Source: CEC

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