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East Timor (Portuguese: Timor-Leste) elects on national level a head of state, the president, and a legislature. The president is elected for a five-year term by the people. The National Parliament (Portuguese: Parlamenta Nacional) has 65 members.


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Position 2012 2013 - 2016 2017 2022
Type Presidential

(March & April)
National Parliament (July)

None Presidential

(March & April)
National Parliament (July)


(March & April)

President President None President
National Assembly All seats None All seats
Provinces, cities and municipalities All seats None All seats

Latest elections

Presidential elections

Main article: 2022 East Timorese presidential election

CandidatePartyFirst roundSecond round
José Ramos-HortaNational Congress for Timorese Reconstruction303,47746.56398,02862.10
Francisco GuterresFretilin144,28222.13242,93937.90
Armanda Berta dos SantosKmanek Haburas Unidade Nasional Timor Oan56,6908.70
Lere Anan TimurIndependent49,3147.57
Mariano Sabino LopesDemocratic Party47,3347.26
Anacleto Bento FerreiraDemocratic Republic of Timor-Leste Party13,2052.03
Martinho Germano da Silva GusmãoUnited Party for Development and Democracy8,5981.32
Hermes da Rosa Correia BarrosIndependent8,0301.23
Milena PiresIndependent5,4300.83
Isabel da Costa FerreiraIndependent4,2190.65
Felizberto Araújo DuarteIndependent2,7090.42
Constâncio da Conceção PintoIndependent2,5200.39
Rogerio LobatoIndependent2,0580.32
Virgílio da Silva GuterresIndependent1,7200.26
Antero Benedito SilvaIndependent1,5620.24
Ángela FreitasIndependent7110.11
Valid votes651,85998.16640,96799.16
Invalid/blank votes12,2471.845,4220.84
Total votes664,106100.00646,389100.00
Registered voters/turnout859,61377.26859,92575.17
Source: National Election Commission[1][2]

Parliamentary elections

Main article: 2018 East Timorese parliamentary election

Alliance for Change and Progress (CNRTPLPKHUNTO)309,66349.5834–1
Democratic Party50,3708.075–2
Democratic Development Forum (PUDD–UDTFM–PDN)34,3015.493+3
Hope of the Fatherland Party5,0600.8100
National Development Movement (APMT–PLPA–MLPM–UNDERTIM)4,4940.7200
Republican Party4,1250.6600
Social Democratic Movement (CASDTPSDPSTPDC)3,1880.5100
Valid votes624,52598.33
Invalid/blank votes10,5911.67
Total votes635,116100.00
Registered voters/turnout784,28680.98
Source: CNE

Past elections

Presidential elections

Main article: 2012 East Timorese presidential election

CandidatePartyFirst roundSecond round
Francisco GuterresFretilin133,63528.76174,40838.77
Taur Matan RuakIndependent119,46225.71275,47161.23
José Ramos-HortaIndependent81,23117.48
Fernando de AraújoDemocratic Party80,38117.30
Rogério LobatoIndependent16,2193.49
José Luís GuterresFrenti-Mudança9,2351.99
Manuel TilmanAssociation of Timorese Heroes7,2261.56
Abílio AraújoTimorese Nationalist Party6,2941.35
Lucas da CostaIndependent3,8620.83
Francisco GomesPeople's Freedom Party of Aileba3,5310.76
Maria do CéuIndependent1,8430.40
Angelita PiresIndependent1,7420.37
Valid votes464,66194.84449,87998.08
Invalid/blank votes25,2725.168,8241.92
Total votes489,933100.00458,703100.00
Registered voters/turnout627,29578.10627,29573.12
Source: IFES, IFES

Main article: 2007 East Timorese presidential election

CandidatePartyFirst roundSecond round
Francisco GuterresFretilin112,66627.89127,34230.82
José Ramos-HortaIndependent88,10221.81285,83569.18
Fernando de AraújoDemocratic Party77,45919.18
Francisco Xavier do AmaralTimorese Social Democratic Association58,12514.39
Lúcia LobatoSocial Democratic Party35,7898.86
Manuel TilmanAssociation of Timorese Heroes16,5344.09
Avelino Coelho da SilvaSocialist Party of Timor8,3382.06
João Viegas CarrascalãoTimorese Democratic Union6,9281.72
Valid votes403,94194.56413,17797.34
Invalid/blank votes23,2575.4411,2982.66
Total votes427,198100.00424,475100.00
Registered voters/turnout522,93381.69524,07381.00

Main article: 2002 East Timorese presidential election

Xanana GusmãoIndependent301,63482.69
Francisco Xavier do AmaralTimorese Social Democratic Association63,14617.31
Valid votes364,78096.36
Invalid/blank votes13,7683.64
Total votes378,548100.00
Registered voters/turnout446,25684.83
Source: IFES

Parliamentary elections

Main article: 2017 East Timorese parliamentary election

National Congress for Timorese Reconstruction167,34529.4622–8
People's Liberation Party60,09810.588New
Democratic Party55,6089.797–1
Kmanek Haburas Unidade Nasional Timor Oan36,5476.435+5
United Party for Development and Democracy15,8872.800New
Timorese Democratic Union11,2551.9800
Hope of the Fatherland Party6,7751.190New
Timorese Monarchist People's Association5,4610.9600
Bloku Unidade Popular (PMD–PLPA–PDRT)4,9990.8800
Socialist Party of Timor4,8910.8600
Social Democratic Party4,6880.8300
Republican Party3,9510.7000
National Development Party3,8460.6800
Timorese Social Democratic Action Center2,3300.410New
People's Development Party2,0790.3700
Christian Democratic Party1,7640.3100
Freedom Movement for the Maubere People1,3320.230New
National Unity of Timorese Resistance1,2160.2100
Timorese Democratic Party6690.1200
Valid votes568,07097.28
Invalid/blank votes15,8862.72
Total votes583,956100.00
Registered voters/turnout760,90776.74
Source: CNE

Main article: 2012 East Timorese parliamentary election

National Congress for Timorese Reconstruction172,83136.6630+12
Democratic Party48,58110.3180
Kmanek Haburas Unidade Nasional Timor Oan13,9982.970New
Socialist Party of Timor11,3792.4100
Social Democratic Party10,1582.150
National Development Party [de]9,3861.990New
Timorese Social Democratic Association8,4871.800
National Unity of Timorese Resistance7,0411.490–2
Timorese Democratic Union5,3321.1300
Republican Party4,2700.9100
PLPA [de]PDRT coalition4,0120.8500
Timorese Monarchist People's Association [de]3,9680.840New
National Unity Party3,1910.680–3
Coligação Bloco Proclamador (PMD–PARENTIL [de])3,1250.6600
Democratic Alliance (KOTAPTT)2,6220.560–2
Timorese Democratic Party [de]2,5610.5400
Liberal Party2,2220.470New
People's Development Party [de]1,9040.400New
Christian Democratic Party8870.1900
Valid votes471,38997.64
Invalid/blank votes11,4032.36
Total votes482,792100.00
Registered voters/turnout645,62474.78
Source: STAE, SAPO

Main article: 2007 East Timorese parliamentary election

National Congress for Timorese Reconstruction100,17524.1018New
Democratic Party46,94611.308+1
National Unity Party18,8964.553New
Democratic Alliance (KOTAPPT)13,2943.202–2
National Unity of Timorese Resistance13,2473.192New
Timorese Nationalist Party10,0572.420–2
Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste Party7,7181.860New
Republican Party4,4081.060New
Christian Democratic Party4,3001.030–2
Socialist Party of Timor3,9820.960–1
Timorese Democratic Union3,7530.900–2
Millennium Democratic Party2,8780.690New
Valid votes415,60497.51
Invalid/blank votes10,6062.49
Total votes426,210100.00
Registered voters/turnout529,19880.54
Source: CNE

Main article: 2001 East Timorese parliamentary election

Democratic Party31,6808.727
Social Democratic Party29,7268.186
Timorese Social Democratic Association28,4957.846
Timorese Democratic Union8,5812.362
Timorese Nationalist Party8,0352.212
Association of Timorese Heroes7,7352.132
People's Party of Timor7,3222.012
Christian Democratic Party7,1811.982
Socialist Party of Timor6,4831.781
Liberal Party4,0131.101
Christian Democratic Union of Timor2,4130.661
Timorese Popular Democratic Association2,1810.600
Timorese Labor Party2,0260.560
National Republic Party of East Timor1,9700.540
Maubere Democratic Party1,7880.490
Valid votes363,50194.60
Invalid/blank votes20,7475.40
Total votes384,248100.00
Registered voters/turnout446,66686.03
Source: Ying, Elections Today, IDEA

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