Macau elects at the regional level its head of government and legislature. The Legislative Assembly is made up of 33 members, of whom 14 are elected by popular vote under proportional representation, 12 elected from functional constituencies and 7 appointed by the Chief Executive. The Chief Executive of Macau is returned by a 400-member Election Committee on five-year intervals.

Voter registration and candidacy

Natural persons can register as an elector of direct suffrage to the Legislative Assembly if they:

Legal persons can nominate at most 22 electors with natural person suffrage to exercise the collective's voting rights for indirect suffrage to the Legislative Assembly and the Election Committee if they:

Natural persons registered as electors can run for elections of direct suffrage and indirect suffrage in the sector they belong to. Electors can also run for the Election Committee if they are not in office as the Chief Executive, Principal Officials, Judicial Magistrates, Public Ministers and Members of the Election Management Committee.

Legislative Assembly elections

Elections were held to return members of the Legislative Assembly since 1976. Members returned from direct suffrage and indirect suffrage have been elected under proportional representation with seats apportioned under the highest averages method using the D'Hondt method. Suffrage was opened to Macau Residents without Portuguese citizenship in 1984.

Compositions of elected seats in the Legislative Assembly are as follows:

1976 1980 1984 1988 1992 1996 2001 2005 2009 2013 2017 2021
Direct Suffrage 6 8 10 12 14
Indirect Suffrage 6 8 10 12
Total number of
elected seats
12 16 20 22 26
Total seats 17 19 17 23 27 29 33

Chief Executive elections

Candidates of the Chief Executive are required to be nominated by at least 50 members of the Election Committee, before he is returned by the Election Committee with an absolute majority. The compositions of electoral colleges returning the Chief Executive are as follows:

1999 2004 2009 2014 2019
Selection Committee for Forming the
1st Government of the Macau SAR
Election Committee
Size of
200 300 400
Composition of the Election Committee (2013-)
Sector Seats Number of Electors[note 1]
First Sector
Industrial, Commercial and Financial 120 977
Second Sector
Cultural 26 611
Educational 29 279
Professional 43 695
Sports 17 639
Second Sector total 115 2,224
Third Sector
Labour 59 1,072
Social Services 50 1,462
Religious 6 Consultation among religious organisations
Third Sector total 115 2,534
Fourth Sector
Representatives of Members of the Legislative Assembly 22 Elected according to rules made by the Legislative Assembly
Macau Deputies to the National People's Congress 12 Ex officio
Representatives of Macau Members of the CPPCC National Committee 14 Elected according to rules made by Members
Representatives of Members of Municipal Organisations 2 Elected according to rules made by Municipal Organisations
Fourth Sector total 50

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