Elections in Northern Cyprus are organized to elect governments, presidents and representatives of local administrative bodies in Northern Cyprus, known as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Electoral system

The presidency, which is served in five-year terms, was instituted with TRNC's first presidential election in 1985 and continued with the elections of 1990, 1995, 2000 and 2005,2010 with the next election scheduled for April 2015. The legislature, Cumhuriyet Meclisi (Assembly of the Republic of Northern Cyprus), has 50 members, elected for a five-year term by mitigated proportional representation. The territory has a multi-party system, with two or three strong parties and another party which is also electorally successful.

In the presidential election, a candidate must obtain at least 50% of the votes in order to secure a first-ballot victory. Upon failing to do so, the two top candidates compete in a runoff election, with the winner assuming the presidency.

The mitigated proportional representation system in use for legislative elections obligates each party to cross the 5% of the total vote election threshold in order to be seated in the 50-member parliament, which is chosen from five districts: Lefkoşa, Gazimağusa, Girne, Güzelyurt and İskele.

In the parliamentary elections, voters choose individual candidates with two options in the manner of voting: a party-line vote which, in effect, means a vote for each candidate from that party in that election district or, alternatively, the voter may choose different MP candidates from various parties. In this type of mixed voting, the voter may not choose more than the number of MPs from that district.

Residents of Northern Cyprus are eligible to stand for election and vote in the national elections of the Republic of Cyprus, but not able to run for presidency[1] (the Constitution states that a Turkish-Cypriot should be Vice-President of the Republic). Turkish Cypriot communal representation in the Republic of Cyprus government de facto ended in 1963. Until 2004, the case of Ibrahim Aziz in the European Court of Human Rights, Turkish Cypriots could not vote in the Republic of Cyprus.[2][3]

Latest elections

2020 Northern Cypriot presidential election

Main article: 2020 Northern Cypriot presidential election

CandidatePartyFirst roundSecond round
Ersin TatarNational Unity Party35,82532.3567,32251.69
Mustafa AkıncıIndependent33,05329.8462,91048.31
Tufan ErhürmanRepublican Turkish Party24,00821.68
Kudret ÖzersayIndependent6,3565.74
Erhan ArıklıRebirth Party5,9375.36
Serdar DenktaşIndependent4,6534.20
Fuat Türköz ÇinerNationalist Democracy Party3270.30
Arif Salih KırdağIndependent2820.25
Alpan UzIndependent1560.14
Ahmet BoranIndependent830.07
Mustafa UlaşIndependent690.06
Valid votes110,74995.66130,23297.24
Invalid/blank votes5,0274.343,6992.76
Total votes115,776100.00133,931100.00
Registered voters/turnout198,86758.22199,02967.29
Source: Kibris Online, Kibris Online

2022 Northern Cypriot parliamentary election

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Northern Cyprus Assembly of the Republic 2022.svg
National Unity Party1,971,40039.54+3.9324+3
Republican Turkish Party1,597,13732.04+11.0918+6
Democratic Party369,2397.41–0.4130
People's Party333,0906.68–10.393–6
Rebirth Party318,7636.39–0.6020
Communal Democracy Party220,6104.42–4.230–3
Independence Path97,5751.96New0New
Communal Liberation Party New Forces76,9021.5400
Total votes117,421
Registered voters/turnout203,79257.62
Source: BRTK

Presidential elections

Date: Candidates: Party Affiliation: % Vote: Notes:
15 April 2000
Mustafa Akıncı
Mehmet A. Talat
Arif Hasan T. Desem
Derviş Eroğlu
Ayhan Kaymak
Rauf R. Denktas
Sener Levent
Turgut Afsaroglu
1- Number of registered voters: 126675
2-Participation Rate: %81.02
3-Derviş Eroğlu and Rauf R. Denktas was to run for the second round, but Derviş Eroğlu had forfeited so the second round did not take place
15 Feb 1995

1- 1st round of 1995presidential elections.
22 April 1995

1- 2nd round of 1995 presidential elections.
22 April 1990

1- 1st round of 1990 presidential elections.
9 June 1985

1- 1st round of 1985 presidential elections.
28 June 1981

1- 1st round of 1981 presidential elections.

Parliamentary elections

Date: Parties: % Votes: Seats: +/- Notes:
20 Feb 2005
CTP - Cumhuriyetçi Turk Partisi
UBP - Ulusal Birlik Partisi
DP - Demokrat Parti
BDH - Baris ve Demokrasi Hareketi
TKP - Toplumcu Kurtuluş Partisi
YP - New Party
MAP - Milli Adalet Partisi
1- (+/-) - Difference in seats from 2003 election.
14 Dec 2003
CTP - Cumhuriyetçi Turk Partisi
UBP - Ulusal Birlik Partisi
BDH - Baris ve Demokrasi Hareketi
DP - Demokrat Parti
% 35.18
% 32.93
% 13.14%
1- TKP entered the elections under the list of BDH.
6 Dec 1998
UBP - Ulusal Birlik Partisi
DP - Demokrat Parti
TKP - Toplumcu Kurtuluş Partisi
CTP - Cumhuriyetçi Turk Partisi
 % 8.2
1- Others includes UDP, BP, YBH
12 Dec 1993
UBP - Ulusal Birlik Partisi
DP - Demokrat Parti
CTP - Cumhuriyetçi Turk Partisi
TKP - Toplumcu Kurtuluş Partisi
Others (YKP, MMP, BEP)
 % 3.5
1-Early General Elections
2- Others include YKP, MMP, BEP
13 Oct 1991
UBP - Ulusal Birlik Partisi
Free Democratic Party (HDP)
Others (YKP)
1- Interim elections done to fill the seats of 12 MPs who had resigned.
2- CTP and TKP boycotted the election.
3-Others include SDP, MAP, BEP, YDP
6 May 1990 UBP - Ulusal Birlik Partisi
Democratic Struggle Party (DMP)
Others (YKP)
1- DMP is an election alliance party for CTP, TKP, YDP.
23 Jun 1985
UBP - Ulusal Birlik Partisi
CTP - Cumhuriyetçi Turk Partisi
TKP - Toplumcu Kurtuluş Partisi
YDP - Yeni Dogus Partisi (YDP)
Others include TAP, SDP, DHP

In 2009 President Mehmet Ali Talat claimed that in 1990 and 1998 Turkish government officials along with other influential powers from Turkey interfered with the Parliamentary Elections.[4]


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