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At a national level, Slovenia elects a head of state (a president) and a legislature. The president is elected for a five-year term by the people using the run-off system. The National Assembly (Državni zbor), Slovenia's parliament, has 90 members each elected for four-year terms. All but two of these are elected using the D'Hondt method of list proportional representation. The remaining two members are elected by the Italian and Hungarian ethnic minorities using the Borda count.

Slovenia's multi-party system means that any one party is unlikely to gain power alone. Coalition governments must therefore be negotiated and formed.

Latest elections

2022 parliamentary election

Main article: 2022 Slovenian parliamentary election

Assemblee slovenie 2018.svg
Slovenian Democratic Party222,04224.9225+4
List of Marjan Šarec112,25012.6013New
Social Democrats88,5249.9310+4
Modern Centre Party86,8689.7510–26
The Left83,1089.339+3
New Slovenia – Christian Democrats63,7927.167+2
Party of Alenka Bratušek45,4925.115+1
Democratic Party of Pensioners of Slovenia43,8894.935–5
Slovenian National Party37,1824.174+4
Slovenian People's Party23,3292.6200
Pirate Party19,1822.1500
Good State13,5401.520New
Andrej Čuš and Greens of Slovenia9,7081.090–2
List of Journalist Bojan Požar7,8350.880New
For a Healthy Society5,5480.620New
United Slovenia5,2870.590New
United Left and Unity5,0720.570New
Movement Together Forward4,3450.490New
Save Slovenia from Elite and Tycoons3,6720.410New
Economic Active Party3,1320.350New
Solidarity - For a Fair Society!2,1840.250New
United Right (ZA OTROKE!NLS)2,1410.240New
Socialist Party of Slovenia1,5510.170New
Party of Slovenian People1,2370.140New
Forward Slovenia1870.020New
Italian and Hungarian national minorities20
Valid votes891,09798.85
Invalid/blank votes10,3571.15
Total votes901,454100.00
Registered voters/turnout1,712,67652.63
Source: Volitve

2017 presidential election

Main article: 2017 Slovenian presidential election

CandidatePartyFirst roundSecond round
Borut PahorIndependent (Social Democrats)355,11747.21378,30753.09
Marjan ŠarecList of Marjan Šarec186,23524.76334,23946.91
Romana TomcSlovenian Democratic Party102,92513.68
Ljudmila NovakNew Slovenia54,4377.24
Andrej ŠiškoUnited Slovenia Movement16,6362.21
Boris PopovičSlovenia Forever13,5591.80
Maja Makovec BrenčičModern Centre Party13,0521.74
Suzana Lara KrauseSlovenian People's Party5,8850.78
Angelca LikovičVoice for Children and Families4,4180.59
Valid votes752,26499.26712,54698.72
Invalid/blank votes5,6340.749,2551.28
Total votes757,898100.00721,801100.00
Registered voters/turnout1,713,76244.221,713,47342.13
Source: Volitve

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