The electoral colleges for the Senate (Dutch: kiescolleges voor de Eerste Kamer; Papiamentu: kolegionan elektoral pa Eerste Kamer) are the electoral colleges of the three public bodies of the Netherlands in the Caribbean. Their members choose the Senators of the Dutch Senate, in a manner similar to the members of the States-Provincial in the European Netherlands.[1] All Dutch inhabitants of the Caribbean Netherlands have the right to vote in the electoral college elections.[2] The first electoral college elections were held on 20 March 2019, simultaneously with the island council elections, and the European Netherlands' provincial elections and water board elections. On 27 May 2019, the colleges cast their votes for the Senate election.


The number of members of the electoral colleges for the Senate is equal to the number of members of the island council. The number of members varies per island. Nonetheless, it is always an odd number of members.[2]


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