Hubert Horatio Humphrey served as the 38th Vice President of the United States (1965–1969), as a United States senator from Minnesota (1949–1964 and 1971–1978), and as the 35th mayor of Minneapolis, Minnesota (1945–1948).

1948 United States Senate election in Minnesota:[1]

1952 Democratic presidential primaries:[2]

1952 Democratic National Convention (1st Presidential tally):[3]

Minnesota United States Senate election, 1954:[4]

1956 Democratic National Convention (Vice Presidential tally): First ballot:

Second ballot:

Third ballot:

1960 Democratic presidential primaries:[5]

1960 Democratic National Convention (Presidential tally):[6]

Minnesota United States Senate election, 1960:

1964 Democratic presidential primaries:[7]

1964 Democratic National Convention (Vice Presidential tally):[8]

1964 United States presidential election:

1968 Democratic presidential primaries:[9]

1968 Democratic National Convention (Presidential tally):[10]

1968 United States presidential election

DFL primary for United States Senate from Minnesota, 1970:[11]

Minnesota United States Senate election, 1970:[12]

1972 Democratic presidential primaries:[13]

1972 Democratic National Convention (Presidential tally):[14]

1976 Democratic presidential primaries:[15]

1976 Democratic National Convention (Presidential tally):[16]

Minnesota United States Senate election, 1976:[17]