The Electric Barbarellas were an American all-female alternative rock group whose career with producer Midi Mafia was depicted in a short-lived, critically panned, eponymous reality show that ran for one season on MTV.[1]


In 2010, Viacom CEO Sumner Redstone personally paid over $500,000 to fly the group to New York to meet with record labels while filming a reality-TV series based on the trip. Redstone then forced Viacom-owned MTV to air the series. MTV executives originally balked at airing it because it was "so bad" but their resistance almost cost MTV's then-CEO Judy McGrath her job.[2] The series ended with a phone call from a record executive provoking much shrieking, but the group quickly faded into obscurity once the show ended.[3]

The group performed on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on May 27, 2011.[4]



The Alectrix

Two years later group founder Heather Naylor moved forward with her dream of having an all-female electro-pop music group by hiring Joe Simpson (father of Ashlee and Jessica Simpson) to audition new members for the group, now named The Alectrix.[8] Again, the ordeal was filmed as a reality-TV series and aired on MTV.[3] And again, soon after the series ended, the group faded quickly into obscurity.

Later, Naylor was sued by Sumner Redstone's girlfriend Sydney Holland for allegedly stealing her laptop. Naylor counter-sued, claiming Holland negatively influenced Redstone to intentionally interfere with the success of The Alectrix, however Naylor eventually dropped the lawsuit.[9]


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