Elijah Clark State Park
The sunset over Lake Strom Thurmond, as seen from the shore of Elijah Clark State Park
Elijah Clark State Park is located in Georgia
Elijah Clark State Park
LocationLincoln County, Georgia
Nearest cityLincolnton, Georgia
Coordinates33°51′16.2″N 82°25′10.54″W / 33.854500°N 82.4195944°W / 33.854500; -82.4195944
Area447 acres (1.81 km2)
WebsiteOfficial website

Elijah Clark State Park is a 447-acre (1.81 km2) Georgia state park located in Lincolnton, on the western shore of Lake Strom Thurmond. The park is named for Elijah Clarke, a frontiersman and war hero who led a force of pioneers in Georgia during the American Revolution.[1] A reconstructed log cabin displays colonial life with furniture and tools dating back to 1780. The park is also the site of the graves of Clark and his wife, Hannah. The park's location on the lake makes it popular with fishermen.[2]


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