Eliya V
Patriarch of All the East
ChurchChurch of the East
InstalledSeptember 1502/3
Term ended1503/4
PredecessorShemon V
SuccessorShemon VI
Personal details
Born15th century
BuriedMart Meskinta, Mosul
Ordination history of
Eliya V
Episcopal succession
Bishops consecrated by Eliya V as principal consecrator
Mar Yahballaha1503
Mar Denha1503
Mar Yaqob1503
Source(s):[1] [2]

Mar Elīyā V (sometimes written Elia V) was the patriarch of the Church of the East from September 1502 until his death in 1504.[3][4]

In April 1503[2] or 1504,[5] in the monastery of Mar Yohannan the Egyptian near Gazarta, Eliya consecrated three monks from the monastery of Mar Awgin for service in India: the metropolitan bishop Yahballaha and two suffragan bishops, Denha and Yaʿqob. The patriarch sent with them Mar Thomas, who had previously gone to India in 1499. The bishops sent a detailed letter on the situation of the Church of the East in India, but it did not reach Eliya before his death.[6][1]

Eliya was buried in the church of Mart Meskinta in Mosul.[6]

Wilmhurst argues that, based on the brevity of Eliya's reign and the fact that he was not buried in Rabban Hormizd Monastery (as was the custom for Patriarchs at the time), the legitimacy of his patriarchy may not have been universally recognised by his contemporaries.[7]


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Church of the East titles Preceded byShemon V(1497–1502) Catholicos-Patriarch of the East (1502–1504) Succeeded byShemon VI(1504–1538)