Emerald Isle
Emerald Isle, Northwest Territories.
Emerald Isle is located in Northwest Territories
Emerald Isle
Emerald Isle
Emerald Isle is located in Canada
Emerald Isle
Emerald Isle
LocationNorthern Canada
Coordinates76°48′N 114°07′W / 76.800°N 114.117°W / 76.800; -114.117 (Emerald Isle)Coordinates: 76°48′N 114°07′W / 76.800°N 114.117°W / 76.800; -114.117 (Emerald Isle)
ArchipelagoQueen Elizabeth Islands
Arctic Archipelago
Area549 km2 (212 sq mi)
Length36 km (22.4 mi)
Width22 km (13.7 mi)
TerritoryNorthwest Territories

Emerald Isle is one of the Canadian arctic islands, specifically of the Parry Islands subgroup of the Queen Elizabeth Islands. It belongs to the Northwest Territories, Canada. It has an area of 549 km2 (212 sq mi) and measures 36 kilometres (22 mi) long and 22 kilometres (14 mi) wide.[1][2]


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