Emunah Magazine
Final issueSpring 2016
CompanyEmunah of America
CountryUnited States
Based inBrooklyn, New York

Emunah was a monthly Jewish magazine published in Brooklyn, New York. The publisher was Emunah of America,[1] which is a women's Zionist company.[2] It targeted the Orthodox Jewish community, featuring articles of interest to Jewish families, current issues and national news.[3] The last magazine issue published was Spring 2016.[4]

"Emunah" (אמונה) is also a Hebrew word with the meaning 'faith'; however, in Western culture, the concept of faith generally places the action upon the subject rather than its object, as in 'faith in God'. This is passive by nature. In Jewish culture, it is action oriented involving active support, and places the action upon the object, as in 'support God'.[5]


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