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En cuerpo ajeno
En cuerpo ajeno poster.jpg
Created byJulio Jimenez
Developed byRTI Colombia
Written byJulio Jiménez
Directed byDarío Vargas Linares
  • Amparo Grisales
  • Danilo Santos
  • Armando Gutiérrez
  • Julio Medina
ComposerGermán Arrieta
Country of originColombia
Original languageSpanish
No. of episodes244
Executive producerHugo León Ferrer
DistributorTepuy International and currently RTI Producciones now in venture with Telemundo
Original networkChannel 1 (Colombia) Cadena Uno
Picture format480i NTSC
Audio formatStereophonic sound
Original releaseJanuary 2, 1992 (1992-01-02) –
February 25, 1993 (1993-02-25)

En Cuerpo Ajeno[1][2][3] (literally, "In a borrowed body") is a 1992 Spanish-language telenovela from original idea written by Julio Jiménez,[4] produced by RTI Producciones (Formerly RTI Television), filmed in Colombia.[5]


Pedro José Donoso (Julio Medina), an older wealthy and widowed businessman marries his assistant even at the risk of straining his relationship with his daughter and being judged by society. After the marriage Donoso starts experiencing agitated strange nightmares with recurrent scenes of peasant and country life and a woman calling "Salvador" in the distance.

Meanwhile his new wife, Isabel Arroyo (Amparo Grisales) plots to poison him and inherit. Aided by her lover, company executive and Donoso´s protégée, Andres Coronado (Armando Gutierrez)[6] with whom she plans to remarry.

Donoso has an argument with his daughter, which is used by Isabel to poison him. He retires to his study with pain in his chest where he plays his piano and dies. Simultaneously, the mysterious peasant suffers a stroke and in the middle of the procession of his funeral awakens. Donoso had reincarnated[7] in the young and handsome peasant to discover he was murdered.

Donoso, now Salvador Cerinza (Danilo Santos), escapes the village to avenge his death and treason and becomes chauffeur to Isabel. Once in the manor he enters the sealed study through a secret passage and starts playing the same melody as when he died to torment his murderer.

Salvador uses his closeness and manipulates inside knowledge to enamour Isabel. A tormentous love affair ensues. Salvador regains control of his wealth and remarries Isabel to later reveal to his daughter that she was not the cause of his stroke and reveal his true murderers and die.[8][9]


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