The Endeavour Award, announced annually at OryCon in Portland, Oregon, is awarded to a distinguished science fiction or fantasy book written by a Pacific Northwest author or authors and published in the previous year.

Pacific Northwest is home to many of the best science fiction and fantasy writers in North America. The award is dedicated to helping these science fiction and fantasy writers to produce the best literature in the field.

Annual presentation of the Endeavour Award is in November at OryCon for books published during the previous year.

Award history

The Endeavour Award, named for HM Bark Endeavour, the ship of Northwest explorer Captain James Cook, was first presented in 1999. It was funded by a collaboration of Portland, Oregon area writers and readers of science fiction and fantasy in 1996 and chartered by Oregon Science Fiction Conventions, Inc. (OSFCI) tax-exempt non-profit corporation.

Past winners

Year Title Author Ref
What the Wind Brings
The Witch's Kind
Matthew Hughes
Louisa Morgan
2019 Blood Orbit K. R. Richardson [1]
2018 The Cold Eye Laura Anne Gilman [2]
Dreams of Distant Shores
Lovecraft Country
Patricia A. McKillip
Matt Ruff
2016 Edge of Dark Brenda Cooper
2015 Last Plane to Heaven Jay Lake [3]
Ramez Naam
Ken Scholes
2013 Goodbye For Now Laurie Frankel
2012 City of Ruins Kristine Kathryn Rusch
2011 Dreadnought Cherie Priest
2010 Mind Over Ship David Marusek
2009 Space Magic David D. Levine
2008 The Silver Ship and the Sea Brenda Cooper
2007 Forest Mage Robin Hobb
2006 Anywhere but Here Jerry Oltion
2005 The Child Goddess Louise Marley
2004 Red Thunder John Varley
The Disappeared
Lion's Blood
Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Steven Barnes
2002 Tales from Earthsea Ursula K. Le Guin
The Telling
The Glass Harmonica
Ursula K. Le Guin
Louise Marley
2000 Darwin's Radio Greg Bear
1999 Dinosaur Summer Greg Bear


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