Ethnos (Greek: Έθνος, lit.'"The Nation"') is the name of a Greek weekly newspaper first published in 1913.

TypeDaily newspaper
PublisherDimera Media Investments
FoundedOctober 26, 1913; 109 years ago (1913-10-26)
Political alignmentcentre-left
Ceased publicationJuly 31, 2019; 3 years ago (2019-07-31)
Sister newspapersEthnos Sunday Edition Edit this at Wikidata


The newspaper was first published in 1913 with a Venizelist political thesis. Always in the progressive political spectrum, it supported later Georgios Papandreou and Center Union. In 1970, during the Greek military junta of 1967-74, it was forced to stop publishing. In 1981, Dimitris Varos relaunched it as a colour tabloid.

The newspaper was owned for years by Pegasus Publishing SA.[1] In 2017 was sold to Dimera Media Investments, owned by Ivan Savvidis.[2] From September 2017 to March 2018 publisher was Dimitris Maris.[3] Dimera reportedly acquired the two Ethnos titles (daily and Sunday editions) for 3 million euros.[4]

On August 9th 2020 the Sunday edition ceased circulation[5] following the daily edition which stopped circulating on July 31st 2019.[6]

The publication continued online, with unique content, and more than 150 daily news reports, opinions, and deep analytical articles. In March 2020, 7,348,731 unique users visited the website,[7] placing “” in the top ten of most popular news websites in Greece.


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