LeaderJean-Marie Le Pen
Founded30 March 1997 (1997-03-30)
Dissolved24 October 2009 (2009-10-24)
Succeeded byAlliance of European National Movements
National conservatism
Right-wing populism
Hard Euroscepticism
Political positionRight-wing to far-right
European Parliament groupIdentity, Tradition, Sovereignty
Colours  Purple
SloganEurope is ours, let's take it back!
5th European Parliament
8 / 626
6th European Parliament
17 / 785
7th European Parliament
9 / 754

EuroNat was an organisation of European ultranationalist political parties, formed initially at the congress of the French National Front (FN) in Strasbourg on 30 March 1997.[1] It had a loose organisational structure, and was in practice based on coordination by activities of the FN.[1] The organisation failed to attract much support in Western Europe, as FN leader Jean-Marie Le Pen was more successful in gathering support in Eastern Europe.[1] NordNat was an attempt to form a regional organisation by Nordic parties.[1] As of the late 2000s, only the FN, BNP, ND, MS-FT, DN and NR parties were listed as members of EuroNat.

In a joint declaration, the founders of Euronat expressed, among other things, the view that a "reborn" Europe "should be built with the European nations based on civilizations rooted in Greek, Celtic, Germanic, Latin and Christian traditions."[2] The declaration was signed by representatives of, among others, Forza Nuova, the Greater Romanian Party and Democracia Nacional, as well as the previously mentioned Sweden Democrats and Front National.[3]

Parties that at one point were part of the organisation include:[4]

Country Party
 Belgium Vlaams Blok
 Czech Republic Rally for the Republic – Republican Party of Czechoslovakia
 Czech Republic Republicans of Miroslav Sladek
 Croatia Croatian Party of Rights
 Finland Patriotic People's Movement
 France National Front
 Germany German People's Union
 Greece Hellenic Front
 Hungary Hungarian Justice and Life Party
 Italy New Force
 Italy Tricolour Flame
 Netherlands New Right
 Portugal National Alliance
 Romania Greater Romania Party
 Serbia Serbian Radical Party
 Slovakia Slovak National Party
 Spain National Democracy
 Sweden National Democrats
 Sweden Sweden Democrats
 United Kingdom British National Party[5]

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