Europe by Satellite (EbS) is the TV information service of the European Union which includes 2 TV channels: EbS and EbS+. Managed by the European Commission, it broadcasts images coming from all EU Institutions like the European Parliament, the European Council, the European Central Bank, the European Committee of the Regions, and the European Court of Justice.

EbS was launched in 1995 with the purpose of providing TV, radio stations and other news services with live pictures and sounds coming from the EU,[1] in all EU official languages. The programming consists of a mix of live events, stock shots, edited programmes and video clips on EU subjects produced by various EU Institutions and Directorates. EbS delivers a unique archive on the history of the EU.[2] All the material from EbS and its archive may be used free of charge for EU-related information and educational purposes.[3]

Satellite Footprint for EbS

EbS service is available via unencrypted satellite signals and the services are on Eutelsat 9A. The satellite footprint covers all Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. More details here

Audiovisual Portal

EbS service is also available online, on the Audiovisual Portal managed by the European Commission where the schedule of both channels is available for streaming and download purposes. Download functionalities offer several file formats: MP3 for audio files, MP4 h264 broadcast quality and MPEG4 web quality for the video files. In addition, the video embed code is also available for the user.



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