Queen of Egypt
SpousePtolemy I Soter
IssuePtolemy Keraunos

Eurydice (Ancient Greek: Εὐρυδίκη) third known wife to Ptolemy I Soter and as such a queen of Egypt.[1]


Eurydice (ca. 330–post 279 BCE) is thought to be the youngest[1] of Antipater's known daughters. Her wedding date and repudiation date are a topic of debate as is the repudiation itself.[1] Scholars have narrowed down the date between 322 and 319 BCE with van Oppen[1] arguing for 319 BCE citing Antipater's rise in position from the Macedonian regent in Europe to a seat in the regency of the kings in late 320 BCE.[1]

Four children are attributed to Eurydice with a possible unknown fifth: Ptolemy Ceraunus, Meleager, Ptolemais, and Lysandra.[1] Ptolemy Ceraunus was expected to be his father's heir, but in 285/4 BCE Ptolemy I chose his youngest son Ptolemy II (whose mother was the fourth wife Berenice I, Eurydice's cousin) instead.[1] Ptolemy Ceraunus and Meleager both consecutively ruled as king of Macedon for a short amount of time before being killed.[1] Ptolemais married Demetrius I of Macedon[1] and Lysandra was married to Alexander V followed by Agathocles.[1]

As for the repudiation, "the scholarly discussion about Eurydice's alleged repudiation has been seriously hampered by the fallacy of Ptolemy's serial monogamy".[1] There is much evidence to support the assertion that Ptolemy practiced royal polygamy.[1] Pausanias confirms that Ptolemy fathered children by Eurydice and Berenice concurrently.[2]

Eurydice's lineage ended with Demetrius the Fair (285–240/49 BCE) son of Demetrius Poliorcetes and Ptolemais.[1]



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