Euthydemus II
Tetradrachm Euthydemus II obverse NMAT RN474-2.jpg
Tetradrachm of Euthydemus II (185–180 BC) with his portrait, found on the banks of the Nurek Reservoir, Tajikistan.
Reignc. 180 BC
PredecessorDemetrius I
SuccessorEucratides I
Bornc. 200 BC
Diedc. 180 BC
HouseEuthydemid dynasty
FatherDemetrius I
MotherDaughter of Antiochus III

Euthydemus II (Greek: Εὐθύδημος Β΄) was a Greco-Bactrian king who ruled in Bactria in 185-180 BCE.


Son of Demetrius I of Bactria, Euthydemus II became king in the 180s BCE, either after his father's death or as a sub-king to him. The style and rare nickel alloys of his coins associates him closely in time with the king Agathocles but their precise relation remains uncertain. Euthydemus is pictured as a boy on his coins and most likely died very young.

He was the last Euthydemid ruler of the Greco-Bactrian Kingdom.


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Preceded byDemetrius I Greco-Bactrian king 180s BCE Succeeded byAgathocles