Everett Mountains
Traffic on the Road to Nowhere.JPG
Ascending the Everett Mountains along the Road to Nowhere, northeast of Iqaluit.
Highest point
Coordinates62°45′01″N 67°11′51″W / 62.75028°N 67.19750°W / 62.75028; -67.19750Coordinates: 62°45′01″N 67°11′51″W / 62.75028°N 67.19750°W / 62.75028; -67.19750
Parent rangeArctic Cordillera

The Everett Mountains are a mountain range located at Frobisher Bay on southern Baffin Island, Nunavut, Canada. Nunavut's capital city Iqaluit is protected by the Everett Mountains. The mountain range is a subrange of the Arctic Cordillera.[1]

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