ISS Expedition 48
Expedition 48 crew poster.jpg
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Mission typeISS Expedition
Space StationInternational Space Station
Began18 June 2016 05:52 UTC[1]
Ended6 September 2016 (2016-09-07Z) UTC
Arrived aboardSoyuz TMA-20M
Soyuz MS-01
Departed aboardSoyuz TMA-20M
Soyuz MS-01
Crew size6
MembersExpedition 47/48:
Aleksey Ovchinin
Oleg Skripochka
Jeffrey Williams
Expedition 48/49:
Kathleen Rubins
Anatoli Ivanishin
Takuya Onishi
ISS Expedition 48 Patch.png

Expedition 48 mission patch
Expedition 48 crew portrait.jpg

(l-r) Skripochka, Williams, Ovchinin, Onishi, Ivanishin, Rubins 
Sunrise panorama taken by Jeff Williams during Expedition 48.
Sunrise panorama taken by Jeff Williams during Expedition 48.

Expedition 48 was the 48th expedition to the International Space Station.

Jeffrey Williams, Aleksey Ovchinin and Oleg Skripochka transferred from Expedition 47. Expedition 48 began upon the departure of Soyuz TMA-19M in 18 June 2016[1] and concluded upon the departure of Soyuz TMA-20M on September 6, 2016. The crew of Soyuz MS-01 were transferred to Expedition 49.[2][3][4]


Position First Part
(June 2016)
Second Part
(July 2016 to September 2016)[5]
Commander United States Jeffrey Williams, NASA
Fourth spaceflight
Flight Engineer 1 Russia Aleksey Ovchinin, RSA
First spaceflight
Flight Engineer 2 Russia Oleg Skripochka, RSA
Second spaceflight
Flight Engineer 4 Russia Anatoli Ivanishin, RSA
Second Spaceflight
Flight Engineer 5 Japan Takuya Onishi, JAXA
First Spaceflight
Flight Engineer 6 United States Kathleen Rubins, NASA
First spaceflight

EVA performed

Spacewalkers Start (UTC) End (UTC) Duration
1. United States Jeff Williams
United States Kate Rubins
August 19, 2016
August 19, 2016
5 hours 58 minutes
Installation of the International Docking Adapter (IDA) on Pressurized Mating Adapter-2 and installation of cables for the next IDA[6]
2. United States Jeff Williams
United States Kate Rubins
September 1, 2016
September 1, 2016
6 hours 48 minutes
The main objective of this EVA was to retract a thermal radiator on the Integrated Truss Structure segment P1. This radiator was supposed to be retracted during Expedition 45's EVA 2 (November 6, 2015) but was not completed. The radiator had been deployed on Expedition 33's EVA 1 (November 1, 2012) in an attempt to isolate a coolant leak. Additional completed tasks included installing HD video cameras on the port/outboard side of the station (one zenith, one nadir), applying additional torque to SARJ bolts, photographing the inside of the SARJ, tying back a protective blanket covering hardware which will be robotically manipulate later, and tying back Crew and Equipment Translation Aid (CETA) Cart brake handles to keep them out of the SARJ rotation envelope.[7][8][9]


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