Expert Global Solutions, Inc. (EGS)
IndustryBusiness Process Outsourcing
Accounts Receivable Management
Customer Relationship Management
Back Office Solutions
Number of locations
Over 100 Globally
RevenueApproximately 2 billion USD
OwnerOne Equity Partners
Number of employees
~43,000 (2012)
The parent company of Expert Global Solutions, after its acquisition by Alorica in June 2016[2]
The parent company of Expert Global Solutions, after its acquisition by Alorica in June 2016[2]

Founded in 2012, Expert Global Solutions, Inc., ("EGS", formerly NCO Group), based in Plano, Texas,[3] was the world's largest privately owned Business Process Outsourcing company with more than 100 locations globally and more than 40,000 associates. It is a holding company for NCO and APAC Customer Services, Inc. (APAC), providers of global business process outsourcing services.[4] NCO provides accounts receivable management (ARM) services, and APAC provides customer relationship management (CRM) services.[5] EGS has over 100 locations, with more than 42,000 employees. EGS is owned by One Equity Partners (OEP), the private investment arm of JP Morgan Chase & Co. [6]

In 2016, the company was acquired by Alorica Inc, a California-based customer service company.[7]


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