This is a table of extreme points (north, south, east and west) of each of the provinces and territories of Canada. Many of these points are uninhabited; see also extreme communities of Canada for inhabited places.

Province/territory Northernmost point Southernmost point Easternmost point Westernmost point
Alberta Northern border with Northwest Territories (60th parallel) Southern border with Montana, United States (49th parallel) Eastern border with Saskatchewan Western border with British Columbia, from Willmore Wilderness Park north to the border with the Northwest Territories
British Columbia Northern border with Yukon and Northwest territories (60th parallel) Race Rocks (Lat. 48°17′52.9″ N, also southernmost point in Western Canada) Point where British Columbia's eastern border meets Alberta and the United States (near Akamina-Kishinena Provincial Recreational Area) Westernmost point of Tatshenshini-Alsek Wilderness Provincial Park
Manitoba Northern border with Nunavut (60th parallel) Southern border with the United States (49th parallel) Point where Manitoba's eastern border meets Hudson Bay (near Milk Creek and the mouth of the Black Duck River) Western border with Saskatchewan, north of the Churchill River
Quebec Cape Wolstenholme, approx. 17 miles NE of Ivujivik
62°34′55″N 77°30′30″W / 62.58194°N 77.50833°W / 62.58194; -77.50833
Elgin or Hinchinbrooke; the border with the United States bends south of the 45th parallel in the area; the southernmost point of the bend is at the point where the Châteauguay River crosses the border
(Latitude: 44°59'30"N approx.)
Eastern border with Labrador, near Blanc-Sablon
Longitude: 57°06'30" West
Pointe Louis-XIV, approx. 60 miles NNW of Chisasibi
54°37′27″N 79°46′00″W / 54.62417°N 79.76667°W / 54.62417; -79.76667
New Brunswick Point of land near Dalhousie Southern tip of the largest island of "Three Islands" off the coast of Grand Manan (not including Machias Seal Island, Gannet Rock or NB's southern water border, which is a parallel) Cape Tormentine Point where New Brunswick, Quebec and Maine meet, near the southern tip of Beau Lake
Newfoundland and Labrador Cape Chidley, Labrador
60°23′37″N 64°25′30″W / 60.39361°N 64.42500°W / 60.39361; -64.42500
Cape Freels, Newfoundland
46°36′40″N 53°33′34″W / 46.61111°N 53.55944°W / 46.61111; -53.55944
Cape Spear Easternmost point of land in Canada
47°31′24″N 52°37′11″W / 47.52333°N 52.61972°W / 47.52333; -52.61972
Labrador border approximately 50 miles West of Esker
54°01′32″N 67°49′10″W / 54.02556°N 67.81944°W / 54.02556; -67.81944
Northwest Territories Western tip of an island that is approximately 200 km SW of the north magnetic pole Southern border with British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan, along the 60th parallel Eastern border with Nunavut (From the 60th parallel to the centre of Thelon Wildlife Sanctuary) Western border with Yukon (the "straight" part near Aklavik)
Nova Scotia Saint Paul Island
47°12′10″N 60°09′03″W / 47.20278°N 60.15083°W / 47.20278; -60.15083
Cape Sable Island Eastern tip of Sable Island Brier Island
Nunavut Cape Columbia, Ellesmere Island, near Alert. Northernmost point of land in Canada. (The northernmost water/ice point is the North Pole) Stag Island's southern point[1]
51°39′01″N 79°04′28″W / 51.65028°N 79.07444°W / 51.65028; -79.07444
Easternmost point of Ellesmere Island, 27km south east of Alert, 82°19'06.9"N 61°06'01.1"W Point where Nunavut's western border with Northwest Territories and Amundsen Gulf meet, approx. 30 miles north of Tuktut Nogait National Park
Ontario Point just east of where Ontario's western border meets Hudson Bay, approx. 125 km NW of Fort Severn
56°51′25″N 88°53′05″W / 56.85694°N 88.88472°W / 56.85694; -88.88472
Middle Island, Lake Erie. Southernmost point of land in Canada, and part of Point Pelee National Park Land: Shore of the St. Lawrence River NE of Wood Creek, near Curry Hill. Water: In the St. Lawrence River offshore from the previous point Western border with Manitoba
Longitude: 95°09'11" West
Prince Edward Island North Cape Wood Islands East Point West Cape
Saskatchewan Northern border with Northwest Territories (60th parallel) Southern border with the United States (49th parallel) Eastern border with Manitoba, south of Gainsborough, Saskatchewan Western border with Alberta
Yukon Herschel Island Southern border with British Columbia Point where Yukon, British Columbia and Northwest Territories meet, on the 60th parallel Boundary Peak 187 (60°18′22.929″N, 141°00′7.128″W).

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