FAB-500 M-62 General Purpose (GP) Bomb[1]
FAB-500 M62 aerial bomb in Park Patriot 01.jpg
FAB-500 M-62, first in foreground
TypeHigh-drag and low-drag general-purpose bomb
Place of originSoviet Union
Production history
Produced1954–present (M-54); 1962–present (M-62)
Mass500 kilograms (1,100 lb)
Length2,470 millimetres (97.2 in)
Diameter400 millimetres (15.7 in)

Filling weight300 kilograms (660 lb)
FAB-500 M-54 General-purpose bomb (high drag version)
FAB-500 M-54 General-purpose bomb (high drag version)
up to 18 FAB-500 M-54 general-purpose bombs on two underwing pylons and internal bay of a Tu-22M
up to 18 FAB-500 M-54 general-purpose bombs on two underwing pylons and internal bay of a Tu-22M

The FAB-500 is a Soviet-designed 500-kilogram (1,100 lb) general purpose air-dropped bomb with a high-explosive warhead, primarily used by the Russian Air Force, former Soviet republics and customer countries. The original M-54 model was rolled out in 1954, shaped for internal carriage by heavy bombers, a low-drag M-62 version in 1962 was intended for fighter bomber external hardpoint carriage.[2][3] The bomb is unguided, features a single nose fuze, and is compatible with most models of Soviet aircraft.[4]

Operational history

The FAB-500 was largely employed over Afghanistan by Soviet and allied Afghan forces during the 1980s and saw use during the Syrian civil war where it was carried by both Russian and Syrian warplanes.[5][6][7] The M62 variant of the FAB-500 was used by Russian military forces in the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine.[8] On 13 March 2022 and 14 May 2022, FAB-500 bombs were found in Ukrainian cities Chernihiv[9] and Odesa.[10]

Operational envelope (FAB-500 M-62)


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