Since 1930, FIFA has sanctioned an official documentary film for each World Cup.[1][2] Up to 2002, 35 mm film was used for the footage.[2]


Year Host country Title Narrator(s) Notes
1954 Switzerland German Giants Emil Fersil [2]
1958 Sweden Hinein! Herbert Zimmermann
Heribert Meisel
Heinz Gottschalk
An UFA production with commentary in German.[3]
1962 Chile Viva Brazil John Fosberry
Allan Grace
1966 England Goal! Nigel Patrick The first World Cup film in colour; the 1966 television coverage was monochrome.[2][4]
1970 Mexico The World at Their Feet Patrick Allen [2][5]
1974 West Germany Heading for glory Joss Ackland [2]
1978 Argentina Copa 78 - O Poder do Futebol


Sérgio Chapelin

Steve Hudson

Two versions of the 1978 official film exist, the first "Copa 78 - O Poder do Futebol"[6] was made by Brazilian directors Maurício Sherman and Victor di Mello in 1979 but was later withdrawn by FIFA because of its controversial content.[7] The film includes an interview with Rodolfo Galimberti, one of the leaders of the Montoneros guerrilla group and also made accusations that the Argentinian competition organisation committee had deliberately hindered Brazilian chances of success by tampering with the pitch at Mar del Plata.[8] The film is available on the Internet Archive.[9]

The second film was made by Worldmark Productions in 1991 and uses much of the footage shot in 1978, but omits all of the controversial interviews and commentary. This film also uses television footage of goals otherwise unrecorded by the cinematic cameras used in the original production, and also overdubs simulated crowd noise in several scenes. This version is now the only official 1978 film released by FIFA for broadcast or purchase.[2]

1982 Spain G'olé! Sean Connery [2][10]
1986 Mexico Hero

Memorias del Mundial de Futbol Mexico '86

Michael Caine

Domingo Alvarez

1990 Italy Soccer Shoot-Out Edward Woodward [2]
1994 United States Two Billion Hearts Liev Schreiber [2][12]
1998 France La Coupe de la Gloire Sean Bean [2]
2002 South Korea
Seven Games from Glory Robert Powell [2]
2006 Germany The Grand Finale Pierce Brosnan direct-to-video release[13]
2010 South Africa The Official 2010 FIFA World Cup Film in 3D
(also an official film: Match 64)
Ian Darke 64-minute Blu-ray 3D with footage from the 25 matches broadcast in 3D, plus interviews.[1][14][15][16]
2014 Brazil The Road to Maracana: The Official 2014 FIFA World Cup Film No narrator Available on Prime Video and YouTube[17][18]
2018 Russia Dreams - The Official Film of the 2018 FIFA World Cup™ Damian Lewis Available on Amazon Prime Video and YouTube[19]

FIFA Women's World Cup

In addition to men's World Cup, FIFA has also produced, and published on YouTube,[20] a film about FIFA Women's World Cup, about 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup.[21]

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