CategorySilicate mineral, Cyclosilicate
(repeating unit)
IMA symbolFai[1]
Dana classification63.2.10.1
Crystal systemTriclinic
Crystal classPinacoidal (1)
(same H-M symbol)
Space groupP1
Unit cella = 9.82, b = 9.82
c = 17.31 [Å], α = 99.209(2)°
β = 94.67(2)°, γ = 119.839(1)° (approximated); Z = 1
Crystal habittabular plates
Mohs scale hardness4-4.5
Density2.83 (measured)
Optical propertiesBiaxal (+)
Refractive indexnp=1.65, nm=1.66 (approximated)
2V angle-72o (measured), -70o (calculated, approximated)

Faizievite is a very rare mineral[3] with the formula K2Na(Ca6Na)Ti4Li6Si24O66F2.[2] This triclinic mineral is chemically related to baratovite and katayamalite.[4][5] Faizievite is a single-locality mineral, coming from the moraine of the Darai-Pioz glacier, Tien Shan Mountains, Tajikistan. Alkaline rocks of this site are famous for containing numerous rare minerals, often enriched in boron, caesium, lithium, titanium, rare earth elements, barium, and others.[6]

Occurrence and association

Faizievite was detected in quartz boulders, together with aegirine, baratovite, fluorite, leucosphenite, pectolite, and polylithionite.[2]

Notes on chemistry and structure

Strontium and trace amounts of rubidium, barium and niobium are present in the structure of faizievite. One of the sodium sites is partially vacant, and fluorine may be substituted by oxygen.[2]

Relation to other minerals

Faizievite is related to beryl and osumilite groups of minerals.[3]


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