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Fallen ABC Series.jpg
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Based onThe Fallen
by Tom Sniegoski
Screenplay bySara B. Cooper
Story byTim Huddleston
Directed byMikael Salomon
Kevin Kerslake
StarringPaul Wesley
Chelah Horsdal
Fernanda Andrade
Rick Worthy
Hal Ozsan
Will Yun Lee
Tom Skerritt
Elizabeth Lackey
Bryan Cranston
Peter Williams
Music byJoel J. Richard
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
ProducersJay Sanders/Peter Donaldson Edward Bates
Rochelle Bates
Patti Allen
CinematographyJon Joffin
EditorAlan Cody
Running timePart 1: 84 minutes
Part 2: 83 minutes
Part 3: 80 minutes
Total: 247 minutes
DistributorABC Family
Original releaseJuly 23, 2006 (2006-07-23) –
August 5, 2007 (2007-08-05)

Fallen is a 2006 ABC Family miniseries based on The Fallen series of novels by Thomas Sniegoski, and broken into three parts. The first part was originally advertised as an "ABC Family Original Movie", but nearly a year later, it was followed up with two other parts of equal length over the course of a weekend. Fallen stars Paul Wesley as Aaron Corbett, a good-natured high school student who discovers he is a Nephilim, human-angel hybrid. An alternate reality game advertising the series won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Interactive Program.


Part 1: The Beginning

On Aaron Corbett's 18th birthday, he begins exhibiting strange abilities, such as the ability to talk to his dog, Gabe, and other animals, leading to the conclusion that he is a Nephilim, the offspring of a human and an angel. Now Aaron must defend himself and his family from the Powers, warrior angels dispatched to Earth to eliminate the Nephilim "abominations", while trying to find a way to live a normal life. He is befriended by Ezekiel, an eccentric but kind-hearted fallen angel, and the former leader of the Powers, archangel Camael.

It is revealed Aaron is the Redeemer of prophecy, a Nephilim with the ability to "redeem" the fallen angels and return them to Heaven. After a battle with the Powers, resulting in the apparent death of Ezekiel, Aaron leaves his adopted family and joins Camael in order to fulfill his destiny.

Part 2: The Journey

A year later, Aaron is still traveling around the world with Camael and his dog Gabriel, redeeming the fallen angels he finds and striving to escape the Powers' wrath. A fallen angel known as Azazel is released from his prison by a shadowy figure, who enlists his help in "aiding the Redeemer in fulfilling his destiny." Camael, having been wounded in a battle with the Powers, goes to Ariel, a fallen angel who has the power to heal and who is also the leader of an organization that protects the Nephilim and the Fallen from the Powers. Camael is put into a trance in order for him to heal, giving Aaron the freedom to do what he wishes. Aaron visits a nearby college, despite Camael's previous attempts to keep him close. At the college, he discovers an obsessive professor who has captured a Nephil, who turns out to be Vilma Rodriguez, Aaron's old high school crush. Aaron rescues Vilma, but in the process, alerts the Powers to his whereabouts, having lost control and created a flare of fire that pinpointed his position.

Camael arrives to defend Aaron and Vilma from Mazarin, the leader of the Powers, and his forces, but is captured. Aaron and Vilma, however, are saved by Azazel, who had also responded to the signal. Azazel leads them underground, deceiving them by telling them Camael is dead when in fact he isn't.

Mazarin begins interrogating Camael in an abandoned church. Camael tries desperately to reveal the truth that Aaron is a part of the Creator's divine plan, but Mazarin refuses to listen and cuts Camael's wings off as punishment. Aaron begins doubting himself, and Azazel tells him of a man known as "the Light Bringer", a man who made the initial prophecy of the Redeemer and who could help quell his suspicions that his abilities are somehow wrong. Aaron, however, is unsure and initially refuses to use his powers on a fallen that comes to him for redemption. But when Aaron discovers the fallen doesn't have long to live, he gives in and redeems Anane, once again alerting the Powers. Refusing to run, Aaron decides to face them, even if it means his death.

Part 3: The Destiny

Aaron and Azazel defeat the Powers, and force Mazarin and his second-in-command to leave. When the two return, they discover Camael has been released with the help of a rat. Camael returns to Ariel for help. Aaron, Vilma, Gabriel, and Azazel travel up a mountain where the Light Bringer's temple is. Meanwhile, Mazarin is visited by Michael the Archangel, who tells him that if he wishes to defeat the new threat of Azazel, he may have to join with the Redeemer. Mazarin goes to Camael and Ariel, and tells them of Azazel. He then reluctantly agrees to an alliance, and the four set out to find Aaron.

Now at the Light Bringer's temple, Aaron alone ventures inside, despite the objections of Vilma, who believes something doesn't feel right. He goes inside to meet the man, and it is revealed that the Light Bringer is not only Aaron's true father but Lucifer, the first fallen and leader of the Great Rebellion against God in Heaven.

Vilma decides Aaron has been in there long enough and starts forward into the temple but Azazel stops her; after a brief confrontation, he gives her a clue on who the Light Bringer really is, asking, "What's Light Bringer in Latin?" Vilma immediately understands ("Light Bringer" in Latin is "Lucifer"). She ventures into the temple with Gabriel, only to discover her own personal Hell, in that the professor has captured her again.

Lucifer attempts to sway Aaron into redeeming him, but a vision Aaron receives on contact with his father causes him to refuse, and an angered Lucifer takes Aaron down to Hell, where he tells him of Vilma. Lucifer tells Aaron that if he redeems him, allowing him to return to Heaven to conquer the Creator, he will release his one love. Vilma, however, manages to escape from Hell, leading Aaron to the conclusion the only one trapped in Hell is Lucifer. Outside the temple, Mazarin and the others face off against Azazel, and defeat him, knocking him unconscious. In Hell, Aaron and Lucifer face off against each other. Aaron defeats Lucifer, then escapes in time to redeem a severely weakened Camael, returning him to Heaven. Mazarin finally accepts Aaron as a part of God's plan and refuses to hunt the Nephilim or the Fallen anymore. Mazarin then returns Azazel to his prison, while Aaron, Vilma, and Gabriel decide to return home.